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Stancor Standard Transformer Corporation ST-203-A Nadajnik
Stancor Standard Transformer Corporation
Modelu: ST-203-A
Data: 1948
Kategorii: Radiokomunikacja
Grupa: Nadajnik
Opis: Radio Transmitter

Stancor Model ST-203-A Radio Transmitter provides telephonic emission in the frequency range between 27 and 32 megacycles. Although primarily intended for mobile operation, it is also useful for fixed station service. Electrically, the ST-203-A is designed to be powered from a dynamotor or vibrator supply for mobile work, or an AC supply for transmission from a fixed location. Either type of operation may be realized bv plugging the output of the appropriate Power Supply into the ST-203-A receptacle. Mechanically, the Transmitter is firmly attached to a base mounting plate by means of spring loaded, catch fasteners which are easily released for quick removal of the unit to another location for AC or DC operation. Periods of transmission and standby are controlled by a press-to-talk switch mounted on the microphone. Operating control of the Transmitter is available at a remote position or at the unit itself. Oscillator, Amplifier and Antenna tuning knobs, as well as crystal and meter switches, are conveniently located at the front of the unit. Here, too, are the microphone and meter jacks and the coaxial connectors to the Antenna system and receiving equipment. in consideration of safety to the operator, external exposure of high voltage is prevented. Control circuits are arranged so iliat, should the connector plug from the power supply system be removed from the ST-203-A chassis while it is in operation, the high voltage will automatically turn off. Even the metering circuit is grounded to the chassis. Although it is expect oil that a one-quarter wavelength, vertical whip Antenna will most commonly be used in mobile installation, any suitable type of Antenna system fed by small size coaxial cable may be applied to the ST-203-A.

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Specifications ... 1 General ... 2 Accessories ... 3 Circuit Explanation ... 4 Assembly (Construction Steps) ... 6 Installation ... 17 Mobile (DC) Operation ... 17 Fixed Station (AC) Operation ... 20 Adjustment and Operation ... 21 Controls and Connectors ... 21 Tuning Procedure ... 22 Legend to ST-203-A Schematic: Diagram ... 26


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