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EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc. 232 Multimetr analogowy
EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc.
Modelu: 232
Data: 1964
Kategorii: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Multimetr analogowy

Expressly designed for TV servicing, the model 232 (249) Peak-to- Peak VTVM features a full-wave, high frequency rectifier circuit that responds to and measures the peak-to-peak voltage value of complex and sine waveforms even when DC is present. It also reads the rms voltage of sine waves (on a separate scale), dc voltage values, and resistance values. For consistantly high accuracy, there are seven non-skip ranges on all functions to provide a uniform 3 to 1 scale ratio between adjacent ranges. The input resistance on all dc voltage ranges is 11 megohms, which is high enough to prevent loading error and yet not so high as to impair the stability of the instrument. The dc voltage ranges may be extended to 30,000 volts (with accessory High Voltage Probe HVP“1 or HVP“2) and may also be used for RFvoltage measurement up to250 me (with accessory RF Probe Model PRF~11). The frequency response of the ac voltage ranges extends from 30cps to 3 me. for a source of 100 ohms or less. Facilities that increase the accuracy, versatility, and ease of operation include zero-center indication for discriminator alignment and bias measurements; zero adjustment unaffected by changing function or range; separate scale for low ac voltage measurement; electronic protection against meterburn out; adjustment of all calibration controls without cabinet removal; and UNhPROBE, a single unit Probe used for all functions. The model 232 (4 1/2" meter) and the model 249 (7 1/2" meter)are identical electrically. Where portability Is desired, the model 232 is preferable because of its extremely compact design. The model 249 is an ideal bench instrument, having extra long scales to minimize reading errors and permitting permanent placement of the equipment at a practical working distance. Both instruments are ruggedly housed, professional in appearance, and highly dependable and trustworthy measuring devices that will prove extremely valuable in television, fm-am radio servicing, and many industrial applications.

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Instruction Manual


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Construction Manual


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