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Pierson Electronic Corporation KP-81 Odbiornik
Pierson Electronic Corporation
Modelu: KP-81
Kategorii: Radiokomunikacja
Grupa: Odbiornik
Opis: Professional Communication Receiver
                                    The KP--81 Professional Communication Receiver is a twenty
tube superheterodyne radio receiver covering a continuous
frequency range of from 5^0 tc ¿4-0,000 kilocycles.
Particularly engineered to fill the composite requirements
of the astute professional operator and the discerning
amateur, the KP-81 possesses uniform gain over ita entire
range, and includes in its design a number of exceptional
features which provide unusually high degrees of
selectivity, sensitivity and stability.

Extreme selectivity is attained by employing two stages of
pre-selection; 16 tuned circuits in the intermediate
frequency amplifier; a crystal filter, and selective low and
high pass audio filters. Sensitivity of the KP-Sl is
unusually high,, 1-watt output being obtained for a signal
input of but 0.5 microvolt. Stability is excellent, changes
of local oscillator plate voltage ranging as much as 50
percent with negligible effect on frequency, even, at the
highest tuning range. Image rejection ratios are
exceptionally high, providing a freedom from image
interference hitherto unknown. Band changing is accomplished
by the use of a slide coil drawer employing heavy silvered
knife switch contacts. Tuning dials are accurately
calibrated, bandspread tuning being accomplished
electrically by means of an additional tuning condenser
which also controls a 500 kc. crystal-controlled oscillator
for purposes of dial calibration, providing a market signal
every 500 kc. throughout the radio spectrum.

The noise silencer ia completely automatic and far more
effective than the ,!limiter" type so often encountered. A
calibrated variable pitch beat frequency oscillator,
together with a new method of detector coupling, permits for
the first time in a superheterodyne CW reception of an order
superior to that for which old-type "THF” receivers have
been noted. An adjustable squelch circuit is incorporated to
permit "silent-between-station” operation at any signal
level on any band, as desired. A signal strength meter,
calibrated in "Rl! units, is provided for the measurement of
signals received. All close tolerance coils, inductances,
condensers, resistors and audio components are climatically
sealed. The power output stage is capable of providing 12
watts of undistorted audio output. Other features include
head-phone and phono jacks, and a communication switch which
provides a means for not only placing the receiver in
"stand-by" position but also for controlling a transmitter,
as desired.

Physically, the KP-81 consists of two units, one containing
the tuning mechanism, all r-f, i-f and other controllable
circuits; whereas the other contains the power supply,
filter circuits, power output stage and loudspeaker. Beth
chassis and their cabinets are ruggedly constructed of heavy
gauge furniture steel, reinforced by ribbing. Weight of the
complete receiver, uncrated, is 120 pounds.

Power requirements of the KP-81 are 115 volts, AC, 50-60
cycles. Provision is made within the standard power supply
unit for operation of the receiver upon 230 volts, AC, 50-60
cycles. For operation at AC frequencies of 25 or ^0 cycles,
specification xaust be made upon ordering.

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