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Kikusui Electronics Corporation PAB 18-3 Zasilanie
Kikusui Electronics Corporation
Modelu: PAB 18-3
Kategorii: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Zasilanie

Kikusui PAB Series Regulated DC Power Supplies are compact, light, transistorized series regulator type, and provides larger current rates for its sizes. The output voltage is finely variable for a range of 0 to the rated voltage with a 10-turn potentiometer or a combination of coarse and fine adjustment potentiometers. A voltmeter and an ammeter are mounted on the front panel. To guard against overload and shorting of the output circuity PAB Series are incorporated with a constant-current-type current limiting circuit which operates positively. The limiting current value is continuously variable for a range of 10$ - 100% of the rated current, and PAB Series can be used as a constant-current power supply. Two units of the same model can be operated in parallel in a one-control mode (master-slave mode) of operations thereby doubling the output current rating. Up to four unit can be installed on a 19-inch standard rack, using the frame and mounting brackets which are available as options.

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1. GENERAL ... 1 2. SPECIFICATIONS ... 2 3. EXPLANATION OP PANEL ITEMS ... 4 4. OPERATION METHOD ... 7 4.1 Operation ... 7 4.1.1 Single Operation ... 7 4.1.2 Series Operation ... 7 4.1.3 Overload Protection when in Series Operation. 8 4.1.4 Parallel Operation ... 9 4.2 Conditions of Use ... 12 4.3 Voltage Drop by Ammeter ... 12 4.4 Current Limiting Circuit ... 12 5. MAINTENANCE ... 14 Schematic Circuit Diagram


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