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IFR 2052 Generator
Modelu: 2052
Data: 1998
Kategorii: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Generator

The 2050 series Digital and Vector Signal Generators offer a wide range of analog and digital modulation facilities covering the frequency ranges 10 kHz to 5.4 GHz with three models: 2050 (10 kHz to 1.35 GHz), 2051 (10 kHz to 2.7 GHz) and 2052 (10 kHz to 5.4 GHz). A dot matrix display with soft key selected screen options allow flexibility of operation and ease of use. The output can be modulated by conventional analog methods - amplitude, frequency, phase and pulse modulation (optional). Digital and vector modulation in PSK, QAM, FSK, GMSK and IQ formats are available and these signals can be modulated to simulate a faded signal environment. Available options include a second built-in modulation source; avionics modulation (ILS and VOR); pulse modulation; RF level profiling and complex sweep; electronic attenuator. Microprocessor control ensures that the instruments are flexible and easy to use and allows programming by the General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB). The GPIB is designed to IEEE Standard 488.2 and is a means of sending commands to an instrument, via a data bus, from a remote controller or personal computer. The instruments can therefore be used manually or as part of a fully automated test system. These instruments are suitable for a wide range of applications including the testing of new digital communication systems. MAIN FEATURES The 2050 series provide the following capabilities: Digital and vector modulation capabilities • I and Q modulation to 10 MHz • Wide carrier frequency range External digital input to 34 ksymbols/sec • Excellent accuracy and stability Rician and Rayleigh fading simulation Envelope control for generating RF bursts • Internal PRBS source Programmable channel filter characteristics Programmable data rate • Pre-programmed standard formats such as NADC, PDC, TETRA, APC025, POCSAG, ERMES, MOBITEX, CDPD, INMARSAT-M, VDR and GSM . Full AM, FM, ΦΜ capability . Wideband DC coupled FM for FSK

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Stron: 354
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Język: Angielski
Zmiana: Issue 10
Podręcznik numer: 46882-237W
Data: 24 czerwiec 1998
Jakość: Skanowany dokument, wszystko czytelne.
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This manual applies to instruments with Software issues of 9.07 and higher.


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