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LeCroy LW400A Generator
Modelu: LW400A
Data: 1999
Kategorii: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Generator
Opis: Arbitrary Waveform Generator
                                    The LeCroy LW400 makes it easy to create and edit waveforms
The LW400 combines complete on board word proccessor like cut,
copy and paste, waveform editing with live waveform feature
and waveform generation. Salient benefits include:
1. 100 psec feature placement resolution
2. 400 MS/s maximum sample clock for each channel
3. Sample Clock:
LW400 series sample clock rate is selectable within five
decade ranges as described—see chapter13
LW400A and the LW400B series sample clock is continuosly
variable from 6 KHz to 400 MHz with a 1 Hz resolution—see
chapter 13
4. 100 MHz analog bandwidth
5. Fast Switch Group Sequence mode switches waveforms in
< 11 ms minimizing test execution time.
6. 1 channel (LW410/LW410A/LW410B) and 2 channel
(LW420/LW420A/lw420B) versions
7. Live update of waveform output
8. Stand alone design, no PC required
9. Waveform Data formats for Spreadsheets, PSpice™,
MathCad™, MatLab™, ASCII, and others
10. Up to 1 megabyte of playback memory (256 k standard)
11. Hard Disk of >400 Mbyte standard
12. 3.5” DOS compatible floppy disk for waveforms, sequence,
equators, and projects, file transfer and storage
13. GPIB
14. SCPI compatible command set
15. Centronics hard copy interfaces
16. Internal Asynchronous noise source on the LW400 and
LW400A series (not available on the LW400B series).

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The LW400 Series arbitrary waveform generator is designed to be
operated without having to refer to this manual. This is made
possible by the intuitive controls and guiding menus. Most
of the
arbitrary waveform generator functions are accessed using the
Operation Keys clustered around the rotary knob. The other push
buttons give access to the useful new features offered by
this innovative
instrument. A built-in Help library is provided for instant aid
in answering questions while operating the AWG.
It is suggested that this manual be used to:
1. Gain an overview of the instrument
2. Familiarize you with the terminology
3. Provide detailed descriptions of the various functions
4. Illustrate the use of the new features of the instrument
Perhaps the best way to use it is to read through the early
and then browse through the later chapters in order to become
familiar with the LW400’s capabilities. The Table of Contents is
organized so that you can find the right information by
locating the
things you want to do.

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