Counter Manuals

Model Manufacturer Date Description
R5372 Advantest Corporation Electronic Counter
R5373 Advantest Corporation Electronic Counter
TR5821 Advantest Corporation 1982
TR5822 Advantest Corporation 1982
TR5823 Advantest Corporation 1982
TR5823H Advantest Corporation 1982
AN 2573 Analogic 1979Digital Rate Indicator
1820 BK Precision Universal Counter
1856B BK Precision 2.7GHz Frequency Counter
1856C BK Precision 2.4GHz Frequency Counter
5740 Data Precision 1977 03 01Multifunction Counter
F-1000 Elenco Precision 1GHz Multifunction Counter
1910A Fluke 1990Multifunction Counters
1911A Fluke 1990Multifunction Counters
7220A Fluke Portable Counter
7250A Fluke 1978 12 01Universal Counter Timer
PM 6666 Fluke 1998Programmable Timer / Counter
PM 6669 Fluke 1995 04 01Universal Frequency Counter
PM6690 Fluke 2006 05 01Timer / Counter / Analyzer
5221A Hewlett Packard 1971Electronic Counters
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