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Daewoo DEX-42T1S TV
Model: DEX-42T1S
Datum: 2013
Categorie: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Groep: TV
Beschrijving: LED Television

1. High-quality LED backlight LCD screen, energy saving, environmental protection, ultra-thin, brilliant features. 2. Having inter high quality speakers, which will give you purely audiovisual enjoyment and save your table place. 3. Having many ideal connectors, you may directly connect your DVD, vidicon etc. its disport TV, Multimedia">Components of input connector let you enjoy beautiful image effect. The product can be used as a computer monitor with VGA and HDMI connectors. Also it can be used as a TV, Multimedia">TV machine when you insert the antenna. 4. Much faster response time will completely eliminate shadow of picture. seeing film and playing game may be more fluent. 5. Enough colours. 6. Wider viewing angle, higher brightness, higher contrast, lower consumption. 7. Intelligent image mode and sound mode can offer you intelligent audiovisual effect. 8. Built-in the latest digital comb filter, which makes image more clear. The internal 3D De-Interlace technique can totally eliminate the screen dithering caused by interlace signals. 9. Own perfect timing functions, you can set time to turn off. It will be turned off in state of no signals, too. 10. Automatically operated convenient with telecontrol device. 11. Auto-setup function help you set the image to best performance in several seconds in VGA mode. 12. Auto color balance adjustment technology takes your machine to the best color setting for all different kinds of display adapters in VGA mode. 13. Automatic denoise technique can greatly eliminate background noise caused by menu interference and the noise caused by weak signals so as to make the picture on the screen clear. 14. Support USB interface. 15. Support for H.264 FULL HD TV, Multimedia">Receiver and supports PVR functionality. 16. Ultra-thin and super narrow design.

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