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Philips GC6048 Ijzer
Model: GC6048
Datum: 2003
Categorie: Home-elektronica
Groep: Ijzer
Beschrijving: Steam Iron

TECHNICAL INFORMATION Voltage : 220 - 240 V Frequency : 50 - 60 Hz Power consumption : Iron : 700 W Boiler : 1500 W Pressure : 3.5 bar Water advice Suitable for tap water use. However if the tap water in your area is very hard, we advise you to mix it with a equal portion of distilled water or to use distilled water only. Vertical Steam When the Iron is kept in a vertical position, the shot of steam (S.O.S) button can be used to Iron hanging fabrics such as curtains. Vario steam The vario steam function allows user to have control over the steam rate and this prevent over moisturising the cloth. Manometer It is a device clearly indicating the pressure inside the boiler is within the safe or ‘no danger zone’. Anti calc The anti calc is integrated in the funnel and softens the water that goes into the boiler

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