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Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd Sonicaid Team Standard Monitoringssysteem
Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd
Model: Sonicaid Team Standard
Datum: 2006
Categorie: Medische en biomedische apparatuur
Groep: Monitoringssysteem
Beschrijving: Fetal Monitor
                                    Team fetal monitors

Sonicaid Team fetal monitors provide accurate and reliable
monitoring throughout the antepartum and intrapartum
periods. The fetal monitor consists of a base unit
which collects the monitored information and a printer unit.

Four base unit models are available:
Team Standard
 Monitoring of single fetal heart rate with an ultrasound
transducer, and uterine activity with an external toco

Team Duo
 As Team, above, but with a second ultrasound transducer for
monitoring twin fetal heart rates.

Team IP
 Twin fetal heart rate monitoring either by two ultrasound
transducers, or invasively by a fetal ECG scalp electrode
and an ultrasound transducer.
Uterine activity can be measured either with an external
toco transducer or an intra-uterine pressure catheter.
Team IP can also measure the maternal heart rate. *

Team DM
For use in a remote clinic or the patient’s home, Team DM
provides the same facilities as Team Standard, but includes
a modem for transmitting stored data.

* This is an optional feature not currently available in the
USA or Canada.

There are three Team printers available:

 Thermal printer for a continuous paper record of monitored

 Incorporates analysis for use during the antepartum period.

 Incorporates analysis for use during the intrapartum  period.

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This user manual covers the whole Team range and may
describe some facilities not
available in your Team unit.

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