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Satorius ME614 Weegschaal
Model: ME614
Datum: 2005
Categorie: Medische en biomedische apparatuur
Groep: Weegschaal
Beschrijving: Electronic Analytical and Semi-microbalances

ME and SE models are high-resolution balances of special accuracy for extremely precise measurement of mass. These series cover a range from 0.001 mg to 610 g. A broad range of special performance features makes the ME and SE balances ideal for use as measuring and test equipment in ISO or GLP quality management systems. These features include: –The fully automatic self-calibrating and adjustment function, isoCAL (time- and temperature-dependent) –reproTEST for quick determination of the standard deviation to check the repeatability of results –ISO/GLP-compliant recording capability for printouts – Password-protected menu lock –Display of maintenance | service intervals when due ME and SE balances meet the highest requirements placed on the accuracy and reliability of weighing results through the following features: –Efficient filtering-out of vibration Fully automatic draft shield with three motorized, self-teaching draft shield elements and soft-touch technology Stable and repeatable results Excellent readability under any lighting conditions – Rugged design and durable weighing system –ME215/235/254/414/614: Integrated static electricity eliminator feature to neutralize interfering electro- static charges (ionizer) ME and SE balances save work and speed up both simple and complex routine applications through: – Ultrafast response times Built-in application programs; application level 1: – Second weight unit – Counting – Weighing in percent – Animal weighing – Recalculation – Calculation – Density determination – Differential weighing – Air buoyancy correction – Air density determination for ME5, SE2 Application level 2: – Checkweighing – Time-controlled functions Application level 3: – Totalizing – Formulation – Statistics with the following additional functions: – Second tare memory – Identification codes – Product data memory – SQmin function – Manual data storage in application level 3 – DKD uncertainty of measurement –Automatic initialization when you switch on the balance –Easy input of IDs for samples or other weighed objects –If requested: control using an external computer

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2 Intended Use 3 Contents 4 Warning and Safety Instructions 5 General Views of the Balances 7 Operating Design Getting Started Storage and Shipping Conditions Unpacking the Balance Carrying the Balance Equipment Supplied Installation Instructions Remote Operation of the Display and Control Unit Connecting the Balance to AC Power Warmup Time Leveling the Balance Configuring the Balance Selecting the Language Navigating in the Setup Menu Entering the Time and Date Setting the Balance Functions Setting the Device Parameters Entering a Password Setting the Application Parameters Selecting the Printout Function Printout Configuration Device Information Factory Settings Operating the Balance Basic Weighing Function General Instructions for “Analytical Weighing” Below-Balance Weighing Device Parameters Opening and Closing the Draft Shield Static Electricity Eliminator (Ionizer) Calibration, Adjustment, Linearization Repeatability Test Application Programs Toggle between Two Weight Units Counting Weighing in Percent Calculation Density Determination Differential Weighing Air Buoyancy Correction Diameter Determination Time-Controlled Functions Statistics Extra Functions Second Tare Memory Individual Identification Codes Saving Values Manually in M+ Changing the Resolution Product Data Memory SQmin Function DKD Uncertainty of Measurement Combining Applications Practical Combination of Several Applications (Example) Data Output Functions Interfaces Printouts Serial Communications Port Pin Assignment Charts Cabling Diagram Error Codes and Messages Care and Maintenance Recycling Overview Specifications Accessories (Options) Dimensions (Scale Drawing) Declarations of Conformity EC Type-Approval Certificate Plates and Markings Index Appendix Entering the General Password Brief Instructions


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