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Philips iE33 Echografieapparaat
Model: iE33
Datum: 2010
Categorie: Medische en biomedische apparatuur
Groep: Echografieapparaat
                                    The iU22 and iE33 ultrasound systems are general-purpose,
mobile, software-controlled, diagnostic ultrasound systems
for general imaging and cardiology and vascular
applications. For the applications available with each
system, see “iU22 Applications” on page 73 and “iE33
Applications” on page 74. Each system allows the operator to
acquire, process, and display ultrasound data (iU22, Figure
1-1; iE33, Figure 1-2).
The operator can measure anatomical structures and generate
reports for healthcare professionals. The primary users are
physicians and sonographers in clinics and hospital
departments that provide diagnostic ultrasound services.
The system has a basic set of imaging modes and measurement
tools. There also are modes and measurement tools that are
available only when a specific mode or analysis package is
purchased and enabled for customer use. Upgrade security is
controlled through the use of system-specific
passwords and software.

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