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Criticare Systems Inc. VitalCare 506NTP3 Monitoringssysteem
Criticare Systems Inc.
Model: VitalCare 506NTP3
Datum: 2007
Categorie: Medische en biomedische apparatuur
Groep: Monitoringssysteem
Beschrijving: Patient Monitor
                                    The 506N3 Series patient monitor is a compact vital signs
monitor that measures heart rate and non-invasive blood
pressure (NIBP). Heart rate measurement is determined
primarily by the plethysmographic waveform. For units
without the oximeter module, or when the oximeter is not in
use, heart rate is determined from the blood pressure data
using an oscillometric method that measures during inflation.

Optional configurations include blood oxygen saturation
(SpO2), predictive oral/axillary/rectal temperature and/or
an internal printer.

Models are available with a choice of oximeter (DOX or
Nellcor OxiMax) and a choice of predictive temperature
(FasTemp or TurboTemp)

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