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GE Healthcare Dash 5000 Monitoringssysteem
GE Healthcare
Model: Dash 5000
Datum: 2006
Categorie: Medische en biomedische apparatuur
Groep: Monitoringssysteem
Beschrijving: Patient Monitor

The Dash patient monitor can function as a portable monitoring device with a built-in writer, or as a flexible care monitoring device connected to the optional Unity Network via Ethernet. If using the wireless card or Ethernet connection, optional components are a Clinical Information Center (CIC ProTM) and a CentralscopeTM central station. This device is designed to monitor a fixed set of parameters including ECG, noninvasive blood pressure, impedance respiration, SpO2, and temperature. Invasive pressure, BISx, and EtCO2 are optional features. Additional specialized features include cardiac output, cardiac calculations, pulmonary calculations, dose calculations, PA wedge (PA wedge is only available with the invasive pressure option), ICG module interface, and SAMTM module interface.

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The information in this manual only applies to Dash 3000/4000 patient monitors with software versions 5.4 and Dash 3000/4000/5000 patient monitors with software versions 6 or later. It does not apply to earlier software versions. This manual supplies technical information for service representatives and technical personnel so they can maintain the equipment to the assembly level. Use it as a guide for maintenance and electrical repairs considered field repairable. Where necessary the manual identifies additional sources of relevant information and technical assistance. This manual is intended for service representatives and technical personnel who maintain, troubleshoot, or repair this equipment.


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