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Tektronix T921 Oscilloscoop
Model: T921
Datum: 1977
Categorie: Meetinstrumenten
Groep: Oscilloscoop
Beschrijving: 15MHz Portable Oscilloscope

SPECIFICATIONS This manual includes instructions for the T921, T922 and T922R portable oscilloscopes. The T922 is a 15 MHz, dual trace, Oscilloscope and the T921 is a 15 MHz, single trace oscilloscope. The Vertical Amplifier, either single trace or dual trace, provides calibrated deflection factors from 2 mV to 10 V/div. The Time Base provides stable triggering over the full bandwidth of the Vertical Amplifier(s) and provides calibrated sweep rates from 0.5 s/div to 0.2 //s/div. A variable X1 to X10 magnifier extends the maximum sweep rate to 20 ns/div. The T992R is a rackmount verison of the T922 Oscilloscope which takes 5-1/4 inches of rack space. Features added to the rackmount version include: single sweep; rear panel outputs for Sweep Gate, Sweep Ramp, and Vertical Signal; internally selectable Z Axis polarity; user selection of the CHOP or ALT dual trace modes; and switch-selectable front-panel or rear-panel inputs for CH 1, CH 2, and EXT TRIG signals.

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SECTION 1 SPECIFICATIONS Electrical Environmental Physical Standard Accessories Recommended Accessories SECTION 2 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Operating Voltage Safety Information Function of Controls, Connectors and Indicators, T921 and T922 A. Display B. Vertical Amplifier C. Time Base Function of Controls, Connectors and Indicators, T922R A. Display B. Vertical Amplifier C. Time Base First Time Operation Probe Compensation Applications T922R Rackmounting SECTION 3 PERFORMANCE CHECK Limits and Tolerances Test Equipment Required . Preliminary Procedure Performance Check Procedure SECTION 4 ADJUSTMENTS Page Limits and Tolerances 4-1 ' Adjustment Interaction 4-1 Partial Procedures 4-1 Test Equipment Required 4-1 Preliminary Procedure 4-2 A. Display and Power Supply 4-4 B. Vertical Amplifier 4-6 C. Time Base 4-10 SECTION 5 SERVICE INFORMATION Cabinet Removal 5-1 Preventive Maintenance 5-1 Troubleshooting 5-2 Corrective Maintenance 5-10 T922R Line Voltage and Range Selection 5-21 Repackaging For Shipment 5-21 SECTION 6 ELECTRICAL REPLACEABLE PARTS OPTIONS SECTION 7 CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION AND DIAGRAMS Block Diagram CRT and Vertical Amplifier Power Supply Vertical Input (T921) Vertical Input (T922) Vertical Switching (T922) • Trigger (Late) Trigger (Early) Sweep & Horizontal Amplifier T922R Single Sweep, Buffer, & Z Axis T922R Scale Ilium, +32 V P.S., Vert Out, F&R Sw. T922R Circuit Board Interconnections SECTION 8 MECHANICAL REPLACEABLE PARTS CHANGE INFORMATION


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