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Orban 516EC Effect Processor
Model: 516EC
Datum: 1981
Categorie: Proffesionele muziekinstallatie
Groep: Effect Processor
Beschrijving: Digital Sibling Controller

The Orban Model 516EC Dynamic Sibilance Controller has been designed as a universal de-esser for the recording and motion picture industries. It offers electrical specifications consistent with other state-of-the-art audio signal processing equipment, extremely simple setup and operation, and dynamic characteristics which have been optimized for sibilance control. The Model 516EC incorporates a circuit which tracks the input level, permitting constant amounts of de-essing and audibly consistent results over an input level range of roughly 15 dB. Because of its automatic level tracking, the 516EC is ideal for cinema de-essing, although it is equally as effective in de-essing highly equalized vocal tracks in the production of records and tapes for consumer use. The automatic level tracking implies that the levels fed into the unit can be permitted to vary through their natural dynamic range with consistent de-essing whether the voice is loud or soft. De-essers have been with us for years, usually as frequency-dependent side-chains in limiters or compressors. However, a compressor used as a de-esser cannot function optimally if one attempts to compress and de-ess with the same device, since optimal compression ratios, attack times, and release times are quite different for the two modes of operation. In addition, such devices are usually not adjustable and often contain cheap 6 dB/octave filters which provide insufficient selectivity between sibilance frequencies and lower frequencies (where most vocal energy is actually concentrated). It would therefore appear that a de-esser is required as the last link in the chain which includes an Equalizer and perhaps a limiter or compressor. These devices all act to boost sibilants to unnatural and offensive levels; the de-esser then knocks down the sibilants without affecting the gains in presence and perceived loudness that the Equalizer and compressor have provided. The 516EC has been designed to fulfill this function in an ideal manner. When it is not de-essing, it acts as a unity-gain line Amplifier. When the high-frequency level begins to exceed a certain fraction of the average peak input level (as set by the operator with the threshold control), the gain is automatically reduced to hold the output at this threshold level (the absolute value of which depends on the average peak input level at that moment in time). The 516EC attacks in 1 millisecond and releases in 15 milliseconds. Thus it can act on sibilants without affecting surrounding vocal sounds in any way.

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