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Orban 290RX Effect Processor
Model: 290RX
Datum: 1991
Categorie: Proffesionele muziekinstallatie
Groep: Effect Processor
Beschrijving: Adaptive Enhancement Processor
                                    The Orban Rx Adaptive Enhancement Processor is an efficient
and powerful production tool that “brings sound to life” by
increasing the definition, detail, and intelligibility of
both single tracks and mixed program material. It is
applicable to almost all areas of professional audio,
including recording, motion picture and video sound,
post-production, electronic music, sound reinforcement, and
radio and television broadcasting.
Restoration Circuitry:

•	Distortion-canceling Harmonic Restoration adds
detail-enhancing second harmonic energy without introducing
difference-frequency intermodulation (IM) distortion.

•	Dynamically-controlled Spectral Restoration analyzes the
spectral balance of input material and dynamically
re-equalizes as necessary to improve definition and increase
realism. It operates simply with a single spectral level

•	tuning and level controls, familiar to users of other
enhancement processors, are provided in the Harmonic
Restoration circuitry.

Dynamic Single-Ended Noise Reduction (DSNR):

•	DSNR circuitry combines a subtle downward expander with a
program-controlled low-pass filter to achieve significant
noise reduction without pumping, breathing, or loss of

•	In addition to reducing noise that could be added by
enhancement, the DSNR circuit can reduce noise to below the
noise level of the original signal.

•	Separate threshold controls are provided for the Downward
Expander and Dynamic Filter.

•	Downward Expander Gain Reduction and Dynamic Filter
Bandwidth are each metered by ten-segment LED meters,
facilitating easy adjustment of the threshold controls.

System Features:

•	The true peak-reading PEAK OUTPUT meters are used with
each channel’s output level control to detect and correct

•	The three-position signal restoration switch enables
un-enhanced (bypass mode), Rx-enhanced (Rx mode), or
enhancement sidechain (detail mode) signals to be heard and

•	The STEREO COUPLE switch can force left and right expander
gain reductions to track, maintaining correct stereo imaging.

•	Inputs and outputs are transformerless, balanced, and

•	Inputs accept -lOdBV and +4dBu signal levels.

•	The Rx features extensive RF suppression on its input,
output, and power leads.

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1-i	Section 1: Introduction

Rx Adaptive Enhancement Processor Registration, Warranty,

2-1	Section 2: Installation


Audio Connections, Grounding

3-i	Section 3: Operation

Controls and Displays

Using the Rx — General Considerations

Specific Applications

4-1	Section 4: Maintenance

Routine Maintenance Getting Inside the Chassis Performance
Evaluation, Alignment

5-i	Section 5: Troubleshooting

Problems and Possible Causes Technical Support, Factory
Service Shipping Instructions

6-i	Section 6: Technical Data

Specifications Circuit Description

Parts List, Schematics, Assembly Drawings Abbreviations

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