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JBL 5152 Versterker
Model: 5152
Categorie: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Groep: Versterker
Beschrijving: Preamplifier

Architectural Specifications The preamplifier shall have two input channels with separately adjustable gain controls accessible on the front panel. Each input channel shall accommodate an unbalanced high impedance Microphone or line input, or a balanced high or low impedance Microphone or line input with an optional accessory plug-in transformer. One input channel shall also accommodate a magnetic phono cartridge input. The preamplifier shall be capable of operating in either of two modes. In the MIX mode, both input channels shall be mixed together with full gain available to each at all times. In the OVERRIDE mode, CHANNEL 1 shall be switched on and CHANNEL 2 shall be reduced in gain by 15 dBm when the TRIP terminal is connected to GND. The preamplifier shall be capable of +18 dBm output level into an unbalanced 6000 load (direct output) and + 24 dBm output level into a balanced 6000 load (transformer output). Frequency response in the audio band shall be flat within ±1 dB and distortion shall be <0.2%, 30 Hz-20 kHz. The preamplifier shall occupy one standard EIA rack space and shall operate on 100 -120 V AC or 200 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz. Installation The 5152 is suitable either for rack mounting in one EIA standard rack space (12%2") without additional bracing or ventilation, or for counter-top placement. All external connections, MIX/OVERRIDE switch and matching/bridging transformer options are available on the rear panel, Figure 1. NOTE: All low-level amplification circuitry can be adversely affected by strong magnetic fields. For this reason, it is recommended that the unit be located at least seven inches from any power Amplifier or similar source of electromagnetic radiation. Ventilation The 5152 generates minimal heat during normal usage. However, because transistors are heat sensitive, the 5152 should not be placed adjacent to heat-generating equipment or in areas where the ambient temperature exceeds 50°C (122°F) without adequate ventilation.

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Installation and Service Manual


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