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Schaffner NSG 223 A Generator
Model: NSG 223 A
Categorie: Meetinstrumenten
Groep: Generator
Beschrijving: Interference Simulator
                                    The plug-in NSG 223 A of the mains interference simulator
system NSG 200 generates high energy interference pulses, as
occur when switching inductive or capacitive loads, or as
produced by lightning flashes. The pulses are superposed
symmetrically or asymmetrically on the line voltage or are
available externally for component testing. The high pulse
energy of approx. 2 Joules can destroy capacitors or
semiconductors, or cause malfunctioning of thyristors and
electronic circuits. Due to voltage flash-over on the test
object interference can occur with rise times in the ns region.

By means of the Variac and converting transformer depending
on the setting of the amplitude control, the charging
capacitor C0 can be charged to a maximum of lkV. A thyristor
discharges C0, depending on the switch setting, directly
into the line (symmetrically L2,L1/E). or the pulse is
transformed to 3kI with the high voltage transformer and
coupled in asymmetrically (12,Ll/E). For component testing
the pulses are available without line voltage superposition
at the QUT-PUI socket 1/3/5 kV.

The pulse polarity can be reversed, also the rise time for
standard tests 1.2/50 ps can be switched from approx. 300 ns
to 1.2 jjs. The pulse repetition frequency is 1/8 of the
line frequency. The pulse amplitude as well as the phase of
the interference pulse are calibrated and can be
continuously varied. The pulse can be directly triggered via
the trigger input.

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