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Allied Radio T-60 Zender
Allied Radio
Model: T-60
Datum: 1962
Categorie: Radio, Communicatie
Groep: Zender

YOUR NEW Knight-Kit T-60 IS THE GREATEST VALUE in a Phone and CW Transmitter kit available anywhere. It contains all the most-wanted features asked for by Novices looking for a first rig — plus sufficient power and frequency coverage to make it an excellent Transmitter for the Technician as well as the Advanced Amateur who wants a "standby" Transmitter. YOU'LL BE PROUD OF YOUR Knight-Kit T-60 Transmitter. Expertly engineered by a skilled staff of kit specialists and field tested to assure perfect performance, the T-60 is guaranteed to provide complete satisfaction. The professional styling of the T-60 was developed by leading designers to make you genuinely proud of your kit's appearance as well as its performance. A * • COMPACT, VERSATILE AM-CW Transmitter SINGLE KNOB BAND SWITCHING FROM 80 THROUGH 6 METERS CARRIER CONTROLLED AM MODULATION BIAS RESISTOR KEYING CLEAN CHIRP-FREE KEYING METER INDICATES RELATIVE RF OUTPUT • SILICON RECTIFIER Power Supply

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