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Sony DVP-S530D DVD-speler
Model: DVP-S530D
Datum: 1999
Categorie: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Groep: DVD-speler
Beschrijving: Digital Video Player

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Manueel de Type: Servicehandboek Sony-8140-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pagina 's: 92
Grootte: 970.10 Kbytes (993381 Bytes)
Taal: Engels
Datum: 01 januari 1999
Kwaliteit: Elektronisch document, geen scan, zeer goed leesbaar.
Uploaden datum:
MD5: fdf59188a1627fc0cc5e76da9d74ff0d
Downloads: 219 Sinds 24 december 2016

Digital Video Player Circuit Description and Troubleshooting Course: DVD-02 Introduction to the DTS Audio Format What is DTS? What do I need to play the DTS surround format? What do I need to play both the AC-3 and DTS surround formats? Will a 5.1 channel DTS CD play in my CD player? Why won’t my older DVD player play DTS DVDs? Can DVD movies contain both DTS and AC-3 audio tracks? How does DTS work? Board Layout DVD Features Block Diagram Power Supply Communications Servo Control Video and Audio Processing Power Supply Block Standby Power Supply Main Power Supply Power Consumption Oscillator Frequencies Standby Oscillator Regulation Concept Regulation Circuitry Main Oscillator Enable Start Run Regulation Power Control Plug In Communications Block Serial Data Parallel Data Serial Data Communications Serial Bus 0 Serial Bus 1 Parallel Data Communications Communications from IC202 to Other ICs Communications from a Destination IC to IC202 Mechanism Disc Tray and Laser Platform Position Tilt Motor Power ON Mechanical Sequence - No Disc Power ON Mechanical Sequence - DVD Disc Initial Sled Motor Drive Initial Sled Movement Home Position Detection Laser Servo KHM-220A DVD Optical Block DVD Focus CD Focus Three Laser Beams from One Laser Photo Detectors Disc Identification Operation SACD Disc Type Focus Search Servo Focus Drive Focus Search Communications Spindle Motor Kick Mode CLV PB Mode Tracking Servo Tracking Counting in Pause or Picture Jump Sled Motor Drive - PB Following the Track Tilt Servo Manually Driving the Tilt Motor A/V Processing Block A/V Processing Test Mode Test Mode Access Tests Additional Test Mode Self-Diagnostic Function (Customer Error Codes) Troubleshooting General Problems and Troubleshooting Guide


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