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PACO Precision Apparatus Corporation EV-20 Analoge multimeter


The PRECISION Series EV-20 Vacuum Tube Voltmeter and Multi-Range Test Set is a modern sensitive high impedance measuring instrument specifically engineered to meet the rapidly expanding requirements of present and future electrical, electronic and communications fields, — A.M., P.M. and TV. Although compact, in terms of physical dimensions, Series EV-20 affords the full functions of EIGHT distinctly individual instruments, stressing the utmost In performance, ease of manipulation, stability and accuracy (not usually associated with electronic test meters). It provides true ZERO-CENTER OPERATION ON ALL D.C. V.T.V.M. RANGESt The EIGHTH facility is available thru use of the optional SERIES RP-10-A Vacuum Tube Probe which is directly attachable (plug-in cable) at the front of the EV-20 panel. Incorporating a miniature type 9002 tube, this latter accessory provides for direct measurements of audio super-sonic, R.P. and U.H.F. voltages as required for special service and laboratory applications. (Series RP-10-A Probe may be obtained from the same source of supply from which EV-20 is purchased). All instrument functions have been engineered to afford a maximum of operational simplicity by reducing the number of switching and connecting operations to an absolute minimum. For example it will be noted that the 1000 ohms per volt functions are available to the operator without necessitating connection of the instrument to the ροτ/er line: In addition the H.F. accessory Probe and D.C. V.T.V.M. isolating Probe are both provided with their individual Instrument Panel Connectors, eliminating repetitive insertions and disconnections* Before proceeding into the actual use and operation of the Series EV-20’s eight functions, it will be found desirable to examine the following condensation of the outstanding features and overall coverage of this most complete instrument:- 1. VOLTAGE REGULATED BRIDGE CIRCUIT:- Stabilized bridge circuit provides a high degree of direct reading V.T.V.M. accuracy with complete freedom from minor tube variations. Incorporates 1 - 6C4, 1 - 6X4, and 1 - 0A2 Voltage Regulator. Regulated plate voltage Power supply minimizes undesirable meter shift due to A.C. line voltage variations. 2. TRUE. ALL-ZERO CENTER V.T.V.M.:- Provides in ONE OPERATION, BOTH magnitude and polarity of voltage at any test point, WITHOUT reversal of test prods. Common terminal grounded for maximum safety, stability, and simplicity of operation. A zero-center V.T.V.M. is ideal for P.M. discriminator adjustments, bias measurements, etc., as well as the only simple solution to "blind” tests wherein test polarity is an unknown factor* 3. DIRECT READING HIGH FREQUENCY VOLTAGE SCAIES:- Includes special low range compensated scale for maximum low voltage reading accuracy in addition to direct reading scales to 120 V. Peak. A built-in bridge balancing network minimizes zero-shift effects of Probe tube contact potential. 4. SHIEU3ED COAXIAL TEST AROSE:- A universal, circuit-isolating, coaxial Probe is furnished as original equipment. This permits direct D.C. voltage measurements In signal carrying circuits, without materially disrupting operating conditions. 5. DUO-BALANCED ELECTRONIC-BRIDGE OHMMETER:- Effectively eliminates the gross Inaccuracies oftentimes associated with vacuum-tube-ohmmeter readings. BOTH ends of the ohmmeter scales are Individually electrically adjusted, providing unusually high accuracy throughout entire ecale length. A single "OHMS” scale serves for ALL SIX resistance ranges. V.T.V.M. and OHMMETER zero settings remain essentially unchanged for any series of voltage or resistance range selections. 6. OHMMETER BATTERIES QUICKLY AND CONVENIENTLY REPLACEABLE FROM REAR OF INSTRUMENT. 7. FULL VISION 4-5/β" RECTANGULAR METER:- Employs large, wide faced, easy reading scales. 200 microampere D'Arsonval type movement. Rugged, double-sapphire bearing construction. , 8. EACH INSTRUMENT INDIVIDUALLY CALIBRATED at multiple points with four internal calibrating controls, sealed against laboratory standards. Assures strict adherence to specified tolerances and duplicate performance of each and every unit.

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