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IFR A-8000 Spectrum analyzer
Model: A-8000
Datum: 1987
Categorie: Meetinstrumenten
Groep: Spectrum analyzer

The A-8000 Spectrum Analyzer is a microprocessor-controlled, superheterodyne unit which features ease of operation, while providing the features of a full-function spectrum Analyzer. 1 -2 STANDARD FEATURES The A-8000 Spectrum Analyzer covers a range from 10 kHz to 2600 MHz at signal levels up to +30 dBm. Signal levels are read directly on the CRT graticule display in dBm, dBy W, dBV, dBmV or dBp V. Signals can be stored and recalled or used for comparison purposes. Standard A-8000 input impedance is 50Ω. All operating parameters are set via keyboard operat i on . 1-2-1 DISPLAY METHOD The A-8000 Spectrum Analyzer display is fully digitized. A Vertical Raster Scan (VRSTM-) method is used to form the display of 390 horizontal discrete points by 480 vertical points. The “FULL" Scan display range is from -50 MHz to 2600 MHz. 1-2-2 MEASUREMENTS WITH THE A-8000 SPECTRUM Analyzer The A-8000 Spectrum Analyzer can be used for a wide variety of measurements within its frequency/am piitude domain. Some of the more important uses include: spectral purity» mixer products, modulation measurements, carrier suppression in Single Side Band radios, harmonic levels, RF carrier levels, distortion and, with the Quasi-Peak filter, electromagnetic interference (EMI) measurements. When equipped with a Tracking Generator, additional measurements can be performed, including: insertion loss, frequency response and return loss (VSWR).

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This manual contains instructions and procedures for operating the A-8000 Spectrum Analyzer. It is strongly recommended that the operator be thoroughly familiar with sections 1 through 4 of this manual before attempting to operate the A-8000. Before contacting the IFR Customer Service Center, have the model, serial number and Software version of your unit available beforehand. This will facilitate handling of your problem. This operation manual is divided into the following major sections: SECTION 1 - INTRODUCTION Provides a brief description of the A-8000 standard and optional features . SECTION 2 - INSTALLATION Provides step-by-step procedures for preparing the A-8000 for ope rati on . SECTION 3 - DESCRIPTION OF CONTROLS s CONNECTORS AND INDICATORS Identifies and functionally describes all A-8000 controls, connectors and indicators. As an operating aid. Figure 3-1 (which locates and identifies all A-8000 front panel controls) is included as a fold-out page. By extending this page, the operator can easily reference any front panel control while simultaneously per- forming the operating procedures in this manual. SECTION 4 - MENU OPERATION Contains instructions for operating the A-8000 Spectrum Analyzer Menus. For operator convenience, the menu hierarchy is shown in Figure 4-1 as an extended page. SECTION 5 - BASIC OPERATING PROCEDURES Contains quick, qualitative, step-by-step procedures for assessing the performance of the A-8000. SECTION 6 - GPIB OPERATION Provides instructions for A-8000/GPIB Interface. CUSTOMER SERVICE ASSISTANCE ORGANIZATION [note! SECTION 7 - RS-232 OPERATION Provides instructions for A-8000/RS-2 32 Interface. SECTION 8 - QU AS I-PEÄK OPERATION Provides instructions for taking Quasi-Peak measurements with the A-8000. Supplementary information relating to A-8000 operation is contained in appendices, (See Table of Contents for detailed list of appendices.)


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