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Johnson Viking Invader 2000 Zender
Model: Viking Invader 2000
Datum: 1963
Categorie: Radio, Communicatie
Groep: Zender

The Invader 2000 is a filter type Transmitter capable of SSB, AM, and CW operation on all amateur bands between 3,5 and 30 megacycles The equipment is designed for maximum power inputs of 2000 watts PEP in AB2 linear SSB, 800 watts in linear AM and 1000 watts in CW operation. The exciter may be operated alone with power inputs of 200 watts PEP in SSB, 90 watts in AM and 200 watts in CW. The exciter utilizes a highly stable crystal filter with an unusually Sharp response for excellent carrier and unwanted sideband suppression, RF controlled ALC and audio AGC circuits provide greater speech power and provision is made for plugging a Phone patch directly into the audio input. Mixer type keying rs used for shaped characters free from clicks and chirps. The exciter output circuit is a wide range Pi network for loading into an Antenna and also provides integral fixed loading for loading into the high power Amplifier grid. The high power Amplifier employs two parallel PL175A tubes with a 200 ohm resistive grid circuit and a wide range Pi network output circuit The resistive grid eliminates a tuned grid circuit and neutralization and loads the exciter for proper operation, TVI suppression, spurious filtering, parasitic oscillation suppression and rigorous shielding are designed into the equipment.. The Invader 2000 Power Supply furnishes all plate, screen and bias voltage requirements. The exciter bias and screen voltage are tube regulated as is the Amplifier bias on SSB and AM. The Amplifier screen voltage is dynamically regulated by the transformer design, large bleeder current and large filter capacity. Both the exciter and Amplifier high voltage supplies have swinging choke input and large filter capacitors for improved regulation. The Power Supply is wired for 230 VAC input power although it may be converted for a 115 VAC source .

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A, DESCRIPTION AND SPECIFICATIONS 1. Electrical Description 1 2. Mechanical Description 1 3. Specifications 1 4. Invader Block Diagram B. INSTALLATION 1. Unpacking and Inspection 1. CW Operation 3 3 2 , Transportation and Missing Parts Claims 3 3, Tube and Exhaust Fan Installation 3 4, Power Cable 3 5, Cables and Ground Connection 4 6, Screen Voltage and Transformer Tap Adjustment 8 C. METER, CONTROL, FUSE AND INDICATOR LOCATION AND FUNCTION 9 D„ OPERATING PROCEDURES U 11 2. SSB and AM Operation 11 3. Zeroing 11 E. ADJUSTMENT AND OPERATION H 1. CW Operation 12 2. Linear Operation Loading Current 12 3. AM Linear Operation 13 4. SSB Linear Operation 14 5. VOX-PTT, AT, ZERO, and MAN Adjustments 15 6 , Lower Power Operation 16 F0 ALIGNMENT AND MAINTENANCE 17 G. CONVERSION FROM 230 TO 115 VAC 24


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