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Hewlett Packard 8555A Plug-In
Hewlett Packard
Modello: 8555A
Data: 1974
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Plug-In
Descrizione: Spectrum Analyzer RF Section

The HP Model 8555A Spectrum Analyzer RF Section is shown in Figure 1-1 with the Model 8552B Spectrum Analyzer IF Section and the Model 141T Display Section. Table 1-1, Specifications, and Table 1-2, Supplemental Performance Characteristics, are for the 8555A RF Section when used with an 8552A/B IF Section and a 140-series Display Section. The 8555A Plug-In is the microwave RF Section for use with the 8552-series IF section and the 140-series display section. Together they comprise a receiver that electronically scans an input signal and provides a visual display in the frequency domain. Input signal amplitude is plotted on the CRT as a function of frequency. The amplitude (Y-axis) of the CRT is calibrated in absolute units of power (dBm) or voltage (juV/mV) (50-ohm system): accordingly, absolute and relative measurements of both amplitude and frequency can be made.

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This manual applies directly to serial numbers prefixed 1436A. With modifications described in Section VII this manual also applies to serial numbers prefixed 987, 1043A, 1114A, 1116A, 1138A, 1143A, 1203A, 1219A, 1232A, 1311A, 1325A, and 1326A, 1343A, 1416A, and 1429A. For additional important information about serial numbers see “Instruments Covered by Manual” in Section I. SECTION II, INSTALLATION, provides information relative to incoming inspection, power requirements, mounting, packing and shipping, etc. SECTION III, OPERATION, provides information relative to operating the instrument. SECTION IV, PERFORMANCE TESTS, provides information required to ascertain that the instrument is performing in accordance with published specifications. SECTION V, ADJUSTMENTS, provides information required to properly adjust and align the instrument after repairs are made. SECTION VI, REPLACEABLE PARTS, provides ordering information for all replaceable parts and assemblies. SECTION VII, MANUAL CHANGES, normally will contain no relevant information in the original issue of a manual. This section is reserved to provide back-dated and up-dated information in manual revisions or reprints. SECTION VIII, SERVICE, includes all information required to service the instrument.


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