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Oltronix Electronics RACPAC 300 Alimentazione
Oltronix Electronics
Modello: RACPAC 300
Data: 1972
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Alimentazione

Oltronix RACPAC 150, 300, 600 and 1000 is a line of low voltage, high power, regulated DC power supplies. There is no derating in any part of their voltage or current ranges. They are fully protected against overload and overvoltage. The model number, e, g. B32-20R is a code for the performance of the Power supply. The first letter indicates the approximate stability for + 10 % line voltage fluctuation. A < 0, 01 % B = 0,01 - 0,03 % C = 0, 03 - 0, 1 % D > 0, 1 % The first group of figures in the model number states the maximum output voltage. The figure after the dash shows the maximum output current of the Power supply. "R" after the model numer indicates a rack model. FEATURES All RACPAC power supplies are equipped with dual range volt-and ammeter for simultaneous reading of output voltage and current. A calibrated current limit control is incorporated. It serves the triple duty: to protect the load and the Power supply from excessive current and to make it possible to use the Power supply as a constant current Generator. The power supplies include facilities for resistance programming, voltage programming, remote sensing and modulation. Programming operation gives the possibility to control the output voltage by an external resistor or voltage. The remote sensing circuit allows the Power supply to regulate the voltage across the load instead of the voltage at the output terminals. This compensates voltage drops in long cables to the load. The modulation mode allows the output voltage to be controlled by an external low power signal. The terminals for operating the Power supply are available both from binding posts on the front panel and the 14-prong plug at the rear. Modulation and voltage programming are possible through the rear plug only. If higher voltage or current is desired, two or more units can be connected in series, or in parallel. Then programming and remote sensing are still possible.

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