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Hickok Electrical Instrument Company 799 Mustang Valvola caratteristica metro
Hickok Electrical Instrument Company
Modello: 799 Mustang
Data: 1965
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Valvola caratteristica metro
Descrizione: Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester

This is Hickok’s Model 799, called the "Mustang" because of its modern features which incorporate SPEED into tube testing procedures. The multi-socket design eliminates time-consuming switching, and its solid state circuitry provides accuracy, reliability and light weight. As future tube types require more sockets, accessory assemblies will be made available for insertion into the panel to prevent obsolescence. POWER REQUIREMENTS - 105-125 Volts, 50/60 cycles, 30 watts WEIGHT - 19 lbs SIZE - 19" x 15-1/2" x 6-1/4" deep TUBE DATA - Data for all common tube types appears on the panel, as well as in the data booklet; booklet also includes data for the less common tubes.

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Lingua: Inglese
Manuale-ID/numero: 2490-507
Data: 1965
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TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Meet Your "Mustang" (General Information ... 4 Controls and Connectors ... 4 Making the Set-up ... 5 Now You Can Test the Tube ... 5 Test Circuit Descriptions ... 8 Maintenance ... 9 Calibration ... 1° Supplementary Tube Data ... 10 Parts List ... 11 Schematic Wiring Diagram ... (in back of manual)


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