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Toshiba S1 Taccuino
Modello: S1
Data: 2003
Categoria: Attrezzature informatiche
Gruppo: Taccuino
Descrizione: Portable Personal Computer

The computer uses TOSHIBA’s advanced Large Scale Integration (LSI), Comple-mentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technology extensively to provide compact size, minimum weight, low power usage, and high reliability.

Questi manuali sono disponibili per l'attrezzatura di cui sopra:

Tipo manuale: Manuale di servizio Toshiba-12179-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pagine: 221
Dimensioni: 3.87 Mbytes (4061241 Bytes)
Lingua: Inglese
Revisione: 1
Data: 01 marzo 2003
Qualità: Documento elettronico, senza ricerca, molto ben leggibile.
Data di aggiunta:
MD5: bbc557dbdfeae7ecbb1bfeb78b738d73
Downloads: 21 dal 05 ottobre 2019

This manual is composed of nine chapters, nine appendixes, a glossary, and an index. Chapter 1, Introduction, is an overview of the computer’s features, capabilities, and options. Chapter 2, The Grand Tour, identifies the components of the computer and briefly explains how they function. Chapter 3, Getting Started, provides a quick overview of how to begin operating your computer and gives tips on safety and designing your work area. Chapter 4, Operating Basics, includes tips on care of the computer and on using the Toshiba Dual Pointing Device, Slim Select Bay modules, optical media drive, external diskette drive, Wireless LAN, LANs, microphone and internal Modem. Chapter 5, The Keyboard, describes special keyboard functions including the keypad overlay and hotkeys. Chapter 6, Power and Power-Up Modes, gives details on the computer’s power resources and battery save modes. Chapter 7, HW Setup and Passwords, explains how to configure the computer using the HW Setup program. It also tells how to set a password. Chapter 8, Optional Devices, describes the optional hardware available. Chapter 9, Troubleshooting, provides helpful information on how to perform some diagnostic tests, and suggests courses of action if the computer doesn’t seem to be working properly. The Appendixes provide technical information about your computer. The Glossary defines general computer terminology and includes a list of acronyms used in the text.


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