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Wavetek 80 Generatore
Modello: 80
Data: 1996
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Generatore
Descrizione: 50MHz Modulated Function/Pulse Generator

DESCRIPTION Model 80 is an extremely high-performance programmable function Generator. It provides a variety of signal waveforms, to be used as test stimuli for different electronic devices. Microprocessor based; Model 80 is easy to set up for manual use. It is also simple to program in GPIB system environment. The instrument is built in an all-round metal case for improved RFl and EMI shielding. It is housed in a size to fit half-rack enclosures. Regardless of its small size, Model 80 offers many features and functions, such as enhanced accuracy, eight different linear and logarithmic sweep modes, automatic phase lock loop, pulse and ramp waveforms with transition time control (Model 81 only), counted burst, internal trigger generator, full implementation of the new IEEE-488.2 standard, and more. But, most of all, Model 80 guarantees high quality waveforms throughout the specified frequency range, amplitude span, and operating temperature. Model 80 generates waveforms within a frequency range from 10mHz to 50MHz and an amplitude span from 10mV to 32Vp-p. Such broad coverage warrants a variety of complex applications. Rapid, repeatable testing every time is assured by a non-volatile memory. Up to 30 front panel set-ups can be stored and recalled for later use; ensuring exact duplication of previous tests. Its performance, programmability and economy make it equally at home in every laboratory. For improved output accuracy, Model 80 employs a built-in counter. This Counter is incorporated in an internal loop which constantly monitors the output frequency. Even the slightest deviation from the programmed frequency is detected and corrected by the microprocessor circuit. Model 80 features self-calibration and self-diag-nostic functions that can be operated any time from the front panel or GPIB command. The self-calibration function compares the output signal parameters to built-in internal references and stores correcting factors in special tables. If calibration routine fails or can not be completed due to electrical faults, the Generator produces a failure list that can be evaluated either from the front panel or through GPIB status reporting command. Besides its normal continuous mode, Model 80 offers a variety of interrupted and controlled modes. Output waveform may be gated, triggered, or may generate a counted burst of output waveforms. A built-in trigger generator, having a programmable period, can replace an external trigger stimulant. The MANUAL trigger is just an additional convenience for front panel operation. The Generator may also be placed in a number of externally controlled modes, such as VCO, FM, AM, and pulse width modulation (PWM - Model 81 only). Model 80 may be used as an independent sweep Generator with its output swept over an exceptionally wide range of 10 decades. The instrument offers a choice of eight sweep modes, both linear and logarithmic to cover a large number of applications. A MARKER output provides an Oscilloscope Z-axis modulation to intensify segments of sweep trace. Alternately, Model 80 may also be used as a stand-alone phase lock Generator. The instrument locks automatically to an external signal and equates its output frequency and phase to that provided by the external reference. The operator may then generate a phase offset between the reference signal and the generator’s output. Phase offset is adjusted within a range of ±180°. Model 80 provides an output level from 20mV to 32Vp-p into open circuit or 10mV to 16Vp-p into 50U. DC offset plus amplitude are independently variable within two window levels: ±16V and ±1.6V (into open circuit). This special characteristics warrants production of extremely small signals at an elevated DC environment. Model 81 is a pulse/function Generator and is also described in this manual. This instrument is identical in its basic functions to the Model 80. In addition, this instrument offers Pulse and Ramp waveforms. Pulse width and ramp width are adjustable within a range of 10.0ns to 999ms. Model 81 provides control over the transition times for the leading and trailing edges; each can be adjusted independently within a common range. Pulse complement and inverted ramp functions are also available. This manual identifies those features and specifications that only apply to Model 81.

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This manual provides operation and maintenance information for both Model 80 - Function Generator and Model 81 - Pulse/Function Generator. Section 1 provides general description of the instruments. Sections 2 and 3 contain installation and operation instructions. IEEE-488.2 (GPIB) programming is explained in Section 4. Maintenance and performance checks are provided in section 5. Theory of operation is described in section 6. Section 7 outlines calibration and troubleshooting procedure. Section 8 contain tables of replaceable parts and recommended spare parts. Section 9 contains schematic and component location diagrams. NOTE This manual is common to both Model 80 and Model 81. It describes all features and functions for both models. Therefore, some features which are described in this manual may not be available in your instrument. Features that are unique to the Model 81 are described separately.


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