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Allen & Heath 21 Series Miscelatore
Allen & Heath
Modello: 21 Series
Data: 1983
Categoria: Musica attrezzature professionali
Gruppo: Miscelatore
Descrizione: Compact Stereo Mixer

Allen & Heath's exciting range of compact stereo mixers — the 21 SERIES. Stylish m looks and superb in performance, these four models offer outstanding value for money. Available in 6,12,18 and24 input versions, the 21 SERIES boasts the useful feature of a separate mono output derived from the main stereo mix. Another Plus is the incorporation of an extensive, interface facility to ensure accurate compatibility with external equipment and enables two or more mixers to be linked together for single flexible operation. A separate power supply unit keeps nasty hum fields at bay, letting the sound come through clean and clear. * The 21 SERIES Stereo Mixers by Allen & Heath are available now.

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