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Philips M2540 Ultrasuono
Modello: M2540
Data: 2002
Categoria: Attrezzature mediche e biomediche
Gruppo: Ultrasuono

The M2540A ultrasound system comprises a cart, a system control panel, and a monitor. A foot pedal on each caster locks and unlocks the front cart wheels. All four wheels swivel. The system control panel and the monitor adjust up and down and swivel as a unit, and the monitor tilts and swivels on its mount. The cart’s lower enclosure contains the M2540A’s computer, disk drives, and ultrasound generating and processing boards. CD-RW and floppy disk drives are standard equipment. Optional peripheral components include a video cassette recorder, various types of printer, a foot switch, and a magneto-optical disk (MOD) drive. The VCR is available in either NTSC or PAL configuration. Most peripheral devices mount on top of the lower enclosure. The optional plain-paper Printer is not mounted on or powered by the system, but is connected from a remote location. The Resident Self Test (RST) software verifies system performance and helps diagnose problems.

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Section 1, “General Information,” presents a product overview and a description of major features, and lists applicable safety standards. Section 2, “Specifications,” describes the physical and electrical specifications of the M2540A. Section 3, “Safety,” discusses safety issues pertinent to the ultrasound system, and describes ESD precautions to be taken when servicing the system. Section 4, “Theory of Operation,” includes a technical overview of system functions. Functional descriptions are given for each system circuit board. Functional block diagrams show the scanner and the scan converter sections. This section also includes explanations of the theories behind the electrical safety tests in the Performance Tests section. Section 5, “Installation,” explains how to unpack and assemble the system, how to install peripheral devices, and how to configure the system’s parameters. Section 6, “Performance Tests,” comprises all tests and diagnostic procedures that apply to the M2540A, including electrical safety tests. The chapter emphasizes patient, operator, and service personnel safety, and system safety. A procedure for verifying complete system operation is included. Section 7, “Adjustments,” contains instructions for adjusting the system monitor. Section 8, “Preventive Maintenance,” includes procedures for periodic maintenance of the system. Section 9, “Troubleshooting,” contains information and procedures for finding and repairing the causes of faults in the M2540A, including software error codes. The error-code section opens with a key for interpreting the codes. Section 10, “Service Procedures,” includes all service procedures, including a discussion of ESD precautions, component removal and replacement, and peripherals installation. The chapter also presents software procedures for backup and retrieval of customer presets, and for reloading or upgrading system software. Section 11, “Cabling,” includes tables listing all the standard and optional M2540A cables. Section 12, “Configuration,” lists the jumper and switch settings for the M2540A’s disk drives. Section 13, “Parts,” comprises parts lists and exploded diagrams of the M2540A and its assemblies. Parts ordering methods are discussed. Section 14, “Transducers,” lists the transducers compatible with the M2540A and their characteristics. Section 15, “Glossary,” is a glossary of terms used in this manual and in the ultrasound imaging field.


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