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Bionet BM3 Sistema di monitoraggio
Modello: BM3
Categoria: Attrezzature mediche e biomediche
Gruppo: Sistema di monitoraggio
Descrizione: Patient Monitor
                                    BM3 monitor is a product used for monitoring biological
information and occurrence of a patient. Main function
ns of the product include displaying information such as
ECG, respiration, SpO2, NIBP and temperature on its LCD
screen and monitoring parameter, and alarming. It also
prints out waves and parameters via a printer.
Features of the Product BM3 is a small-size multifunctional
monitoring equipment for a patient designed to an easy usage
during movement. It features devices for auto power supply
(DC 10V-16V) and DC power supply (DC 18V) as well as
installing its handle to the patient’s bed. The equipment
also measures major parameters such as ECG, SpO2, NIBP,
temperature and pulse, displaying it on a 5.7-inch color LCD
screen. It also enables users to check waves and
parameters and other vital signs of a patient via the 58mm
thermal printer and monitor the patient by the
remote-controlled alarm system. It also enables to build a
central monitoring system by linking devices used for
separate patients so that one can monitor several patients
at a time.

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