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Symetrix 425 Compressor/Limiter/Leveler
Modello: 425
Data: 1993
Categoria: Musica attrezzature professionali
Gruppo: Compressor/Limiter/Leveler
Descrizione: Dual Compressor / Limiter
                                    The Symetrix 425 is a dual channel
compressor/limiter/expander. The two channels may be
operated in dual-mono mode, or in stereo mode. In stereo
mode, both channels receive
identical control signals, which minimizes image shifts
caused by unequal gains in the two
At Symetrix, we feel that the 425 represents the
distillation of our 15 years of signal
processing experience into a product that is at once
versatile and easy to use without having
important controls removed in the interest of simplicity.
The 425 is unique because its
processor sections are always in-line. There is no selector
switch to select between expander,
compressor, or limiter. Now you can expand the low-level
parts of a signal to improve its
signal-to-noise ratio, then apply compression to add punch
and density and still have the
security of a peak limiter for overload protection. We call
this approach to total level control
IDP or Integrated Dynamics Processing.
IDP also means powerful, streamlined controls that make the
425 easy to learn and quick to
set up, even with three types of processing in one rack
space. Each section has the controls
that you need to respond to any audio situation fast.
Individual LED meters show you what's
going on inside each section.
The 425 is Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL).
Samples of this product have been
evaluated by UL and meet the applicable UL Standards for Safety.
In the final analysis, Integrated Dynamics Processing means
clean, quiet sound that meets
professional demands in any situation. High-quality
components and a minimalist signal path
make the 425 exceptionally transparent.

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About this manual

We recommend that you read this manual from cover to cover.
Somewhere between the confines of the two covers you should
find the answers to most (98%) of your questions, both
technical as well as musical.

If you're in a hurry (like most of us), or if you really
don't believe that someone could write a decent owners
manual that you can read and understand, then do us both a
favor and read section 6, "Fast First Time Setup." This
section will help you get connected, tell you what the knobs
do, and send you on your way.

This manual contains the following sections:

Chapter 1.Introduction: introduces the 425 and this manual.

Chapter 2. Using the 425: describes how to use the 425.
Covers installation, signal levels, input and output
impedances, and physical features.

Chapter 3. Technical Tutorial: a basic and not-so-basic
discussion of signal levels, input and output impedances and
connection polarity.

Chapter 4. Front Panel Overview: a brief look at the
controls and switches located on the front panel of the 425.

Chapter 5. Rear Panel Overview: a brief look at the rear
panel of the 425.

Chapter 6. Fast First Time Setup: is the setion to read if
you can't wait.

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