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Ameritec AM5 Communications Test Set
Modello: AM5
Data: 1993
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Communications Test Set
Descrizione: Wideband Transmission Test Set

The AM5 Classic and AM5e Classic are microprocessor-based test instruments used to make Transmission Impairment Measurements (“TIMS”) on 2- and 4-wire circuits. Models are available for IEEE Standards and CCITT Recommendations as follows: AM5 AM5 AM5eAM5eCLASSIC-120 - - - IEEE Standard 743-1984 (Bell Standard 41009) CLASSIC-200 - - - Same as AM5 Classic-120 with extended range to 200 kHz CLASSIC-120 - - - CCITT International Recommendations CLASSIC-200 - - - Same as AM5e Classic-120 with extended range to 200 kHz Both the AM5 Classic and AM5e Classic are hereafter referred to as “AM5(e) Classic”, and except where specified “AM5” or “AM5e” all information applies to both types of Classics. The AM5(e) Classic also contains a separate full-function test tone Generator which produces operator-selected and automatically-stepped (sweep) tones from 20 Hz to 120 kHz (or 200 kHz) required for tests. The AM5(e) Classic provides five (5) impedance selections for RX and TX lines, separate DC hold circuits, and a built-in speaker monitor. Optional features include a Signaling Adapter with Ring Generator, “Siemens”-type Line Test Connections, Rechargeable batteries for cordless portable operation, a snap- on cover, and a rack-mounting kit for permanent installations. The 200 kHz Model of both the AM5 Classic and AM5e Classic extends the maximum frequency response measurement and generation from 120 kHz to 200 kHz.

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SECTION 1 — OVERVIEW/UNPACKING describes the models of the AM5 and AM5e Classic that are available and provides guidance for proper unpacking and inspection of the unit. SECTION 2 — POWER CONSIDERATIONS describes the commercial power requirements, precautions, battery options, and power ON and OFF. SECTION 3 — PHYSICAL AND FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION describes the physical characteristics; front-panel switches, indicators, displays, and connectors; rear-panel power connector, voltage-select switch, fuse location, method of identifying units, and permanent connections. Also described in this section are the Factory- installed options and Accessories. SECTION 4 — SELF TEST OPERATIONS describes the operations which should be performed after the unit is turned on for the first time. Default settings are described and SEND and MEASURE tests that can be performed by connecting the TX/2W to the RX jacks are described. This section also describes restoration of settings before shut down and a full-calibration procedure. SECTION 5 — LINE TEST CONNECTIONS AND CONFIGURATIONS describes the cables that may be used to connect the unit to the equipment under test. Also covered are schematic diagrams of the line interfaces for the various configurations that can be selected by an operator through the use of the TX/2W. RX, LINE, and DIAL sections of the front panel. SECTION 6 — MEASURE FUNCTIONS AND PARAMETERS describes each measurement that may be selected by the MEASURE key on the front panel. Included in the description are all parameters that may be changed for each type of measurement. Some typical test configurations are covered.


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