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Nelson-Ross Electronics Inc. PSA 012 Analizzatore di spettro
Nelson-Ross Electronics Inc.
Modello: PSA 012
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Analizzatore di spettro
Descrizione: Plug-In Spectrum Analyzer

These Analyzers are designed Co provide coverage of three frequency ranges; 10 cps to 20 kc, 35 cps to 100 fcc, and 150 cps to 500kc. models 011, 012 and 013 are provided with calibrated Center Frequency and Dispersion dials, while models 001, 002 and 003 are uncalibrated. These units are designed so that they may be conveniently plugged into any Oscilloscope which accepts the Tektronix letter series plug»ins. By simply installing one of these Plug-In units, the Oscilloscope becomes a complete Spectrum Analyzer. In use, the sawtooth output of the Oscilloscope is utilized to provide a signal for sweeping the Spectrum Analyzer Oscillator. Ail voltages for Spectrum Analyzer operation are obtained automatically when the Analyzer is plugged into the Oscilloscope.

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This manual provides Operating Instructions, theory of operation, Technical Characteristics, läintenance, and Trouble Shooting Procedures for lîelson-itoss Plug-In Low Frequency Spectrum Analyzers Models 001, Oil, 002, 012, 003, 013. WARRANTY SECTION I CHARACTERISTICS 1-1 Scope 1-1 General Information 1-2 SECTION 2 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 2-1 Inspection and Installation 2-1 Initial Adjustments 2-1 LF CAL Adjustment 2-2 Mixer Balance Adjustment 2-3 Control Function and Operation 2-5 Mode Switch 2-6 Center Frequency 2-6 Dispersion 2-6 Resolution 2-6 Gain Controls 2-8 Video Filter 2-9 Calibration 2-10 Application 2-11 Distortion Analysis 2-11 Intermodulation Distortion Percentage 2-11 Transducer Distortion Analysis 2-12 Environmental Noise 2-12 Machinery Vibration Analysis 2-12 Vibration Testing 2-13 Frequency Response 2-13 SECTION 3 CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION 3-1 General 3-1 Block Diagram Description 3-1 Detailed Circuit Description 3-2 Input Attenuator 3-2 Balanced Mixer 3-2 Range Attenuator 3-3 Crystal Filter 3-3 IF Amplifier 3-4 Log Circuitry 3-4 Local Oscillator and Reactance Tube 3-5 Power and Bias Circuitry 3-6 SECTION 4 MAINTENANCE 4-1 Introduction 4-1 Confirmation 4—1 Isolation 4-2 Troubleshooting the Spectrum Analyzer 4-3 SECTION 5 ALIGNMENT PROCEDURE 5-1 General 5-1 Local Oscillator 5-1 Dispersion 5-2 Log Scale 5-3 Input Attenuator Adjustment 5-3


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