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Telecom Analysis Systems Inc. TAS Gemini 1022 Altro
Telecom Analysis Systems Inc.
Modello: TAS Gemini 1022
Data: 1990
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Altro
Descrizione: Dual Terminal Emulator

The TAS Gemini 1022 Duaf Terminal Emulator is a dual data Analyzer that is especially suited for testing and evaluating modems and modem communication links. Gemini effectively tests and evaluates the performance of analog modems, iimited-distance modems (LDMs), Digital Dataphone Service (DDS) sets, ISDN terminal adaptors, data multiplexers, Vid more. Gemini combines the features required for thorough testing into one compact unit. By combining these features, Gemini dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of data communications equipment test arrangements. Gemini Features Two Data Analyzers fn One Gemini contains two complete data communications analyzers in one compact package. This makes it easy to perform end-to-end tests on modems, DDS sets, limited distance modems, ISDN terminals, multiplexers, and other data communications equipment. Gemini’s terminal emulation, data monitor, and performance testing features operate at rates from 0 to 72 kbps and up to 76.8 kbps with an external clock. Advanced Performance Tests Gemini provides built-in performance testing capabilities, including bit error rate tests, throughput tests, and polling tests. Built-In Call Setup Gemini can store and execute call setup instructions for virtually any modem. Call setup data formats include async, sync, and hdlc. Characters can be coded in ASCII or EBCDIC. Gemini can also monitor and display the data flow to and from each modem. Gemini provides complete testing capability, and eliminates the additional terminals, protocol analyzers, and switching equipment previously required for modem test setups. Remote Control RS-232 and IEEE-488 (GPIB) control are standard with Gemini. Remote control commands are simple and easy to use, and are the same regardless of the remote control method. This makes it easy to include Gemini in automatic modem test systems. RS-232/GPIB Command Translator Gemini can act as the GPIB controiier in an automatic test system. The controller issues commands to Gemini via RS-232, and Gemini controls the rest of the test station via GPIB. This allows any standard PC to act as a GPIB controller without additional GPIB control hardware or Software. Software Cartridge The feature set for Gemini resides on a Plug-In Software cartridge. You can easily add new test capabilities in the future as they become available.

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Pagine: 182
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Lingua: Inglese
Revisione: 2.1
Manuale-ID/numero: 2700-1693
Data: 01 gennaio 1990
Qualità: Documento scansionato, tutto leggibile.
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This manual contains all the information you need to install and operate the TAS Gemini 1022 Dual Terminal Emulator. The manual is structured as follows: The Introduction section provides an overview of Gemini features and functions, and details the Gemini installation procedure. Be sure to read this section before operating the unit The Operation section describes the Gemini front panel and menus in detail, and describes the procedures for setting up and executing call setup, bit error rate and throughput tests, and polling tests. This section also contains sample test procedures. The Menu Reference section contains detailed information about each Gemini menu parameter. The organization of this section matches the Gemini menu structure to facilitate easy reference. The Remote Operation section describes the Gemini GPiB and RS-232 remote control interfaces. This section provides an overview of the Gemini command set and command syntax, and contains sample remote control procedures. This section also documents the RS-232/GPIB Command Translator feature. The Remote Commands Reference section contains a quick reference to the entire Gemini command set and a detailed reference for each command. This section documents the format of each command, and contains examples of command usage. The Status Codes section documents the status codes that you may encounter while using the Gemini. The Specifications section contains detailed specifications and connector pin assignments.


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