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Telecom Analysis Systems, Inc. TAS 4500 Altro
Telecom Analysis Systems, Inc.
Modello: TAS 4500
Data: 1997
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Altro
Descrizione: RF Channel Emulator
                                    The TAS 4500 FLEX RF Channel Emulator provides a convenient,
thorough approach for testing wireless communications
equipment by emulating the delay, fast and slow fading, and
path loss characteristics of RF mobile communication
channels. The 4500 FLEX allows thorough testing in a
laboratory setting and drastically reduces the time required
for product tests. The 4500 FLEX can be used to test a wide
range of wireless voice and data communication equipment,
including cellular telephones, cellular modems, personal
communication terminals, wireless LANs, pagers, wireless
network equipment, and much more.
TAS 4500 FLEX provides advanced signal processing features
to address a wide range of wireless communications
technologies. The 4500 FLEX deli vers these features in a
modular format, so your test system can evolve to meet your
testing needs for years to come. The TAS 4500 FLEX has the
following features:
* Plug~Xn RF Front End Modules
« Plug-In Local Oscillator Modules
® Plug-In, Wide Bandwidth Signal Processing Modules
« Plug-In System Software PCMCIA Card
A single TAS 4500 emulates two independent wide bandwidth RF
channels, each with up to six transmission paths, see Figure
1-1. Delay, path loss, Rayleigh fading, and log-normal
fading characteristics can be programmed for each path. Two
six-path channels can be combined to make one 12-path
channel, and two TAS 4500s can be combined and synchronized
for multi-channel applications.

Product Highlights
• Wideband channel emulation capability meets or exceeds
requirements of most wireless communications standards,
including AMPS, IS-95 (CDMA), IS-54 (TDMA), GSM, CT2, TETRA,
DCS-1800 and JDC
• Emulates important radio channel characteristics,
including Rayleigh fading, Rician fading, Suzuki fading,
Nakagami fading, log-normal shadowing, delay
spread/multi-path distortion, and path loss. See feature
summary in Table 1-1.
• TAS 4500's modular architecture lets your test system
capabilities grow as your testing requirements grow. The
modular 4500 FLEX architecture lets you select the number of
RF channels and frequency synthesizers required to fit both
existing and future testing applications.
• The FLEX-IF™ allows you to select the IF bandwidth that is
best for your application. Bandwidths of 6 MHz, 15 MHz, and
26 MHz are available to meet all your testing needs.
• The FLEX-RF™ front end offers a host of high-performance
features, including excellent rejection of the local
oscillator signal and a built-in RF attenuator. These
features greatly enhance dynamic range and improve testing
performance at low RF receive levels.
• The FLEX-LO™ modules completely address the testing needs
of both cordless phone, paging, cellular and PCS
applications, eliminating the need for external signal
• Built-in digital signal processors and user interface
provide generation and control of fading signals in real
time: no external PC required, no long signal processing delays,
• Advanced Fading Features such as selectable fading method,
fading repetition rate and fading power spectrum allow
comprehensive testing using multiple fading models.
« The Dynamic Parameter Emulation with Power Delay Profile
feature allows the user an advanced method to enter and play
back data emulating dynamic channel models.
• Fine delay resolution makes TAS 4500 suitable for testing
mobile, wireless LAN, and PBX applications.
• Built-in configurations for industry-standard test procedures,
• GPIB and RS-232 control ports make it easy to include TAS
4500 in automatic test systems.
• Field-upgradeable PCMCIA System Software Card allows quick
and easy access to the latest firmware revisions and features.
• Flexible architecture provides easy configuration of test
setups for 2, 4, or 8 branch diversity receivers.

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This manual applies to the TAS 4500, Version 43 and higher


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