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Telecommunications Techniques Corporation FIREBERD 6000 Rete Analizzatore
Telecommunications Techniques Corporation
Modello: FIREBERD 6000
Data: 1995
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Rete Analizzatore
Descrizione: Communications Analyzer

The FIREBERD 6000 (shown in Figure 1-1) is a multifunction communications Analyzer that can terminate a variety of communications circuits and analyze the quality of the circuit under test. A rear panel Interface slot provides the flexibility to access the circuit at a variety of locations. Locations in which the FIREBERD can be used include: central offices (COs), technical control centers, end-user sites, engineering laboratories, and earth stations. The location where access to the circuit can be gained determines the Interface that is installed in the FIREBERD 6000. The Interface provides the physical connection to the circuit under test. The Interface also provides proper termination, signal conditioning, framing (if required), and timing. See Section 5 for a list of interfaces available for use with the FIREBERD 6000. These interfaces can be divided into the following categories: • DDS Interfaces (DDSLL, DS0A/B, and DS0/A) • T-Carrier Interfaces (T1/FT1, DS1/T1, T1 C/2, and T3) • CCITT Interfaces ( 64K/G.703, 2M/n64, 2M/G.704, and 8M/G.703) • Data Interfaces (RS-232-C, RS-449, V.35, MIL449, 449/V35, andHSSI) • Specialty Interfaces (ISDN, LAB, Diphase, and Access) An optional Interface is inserted in the FIREBERD Interface slot and then either controlled locally or remotely. This allows the user to operate the FIREBERD locally by using the front panel switches and controls, or remotely by using a suitable remote controller. (Refer to Section 4 for a description of FIREBERD remote control operation.) With the required Interface installed, the FIREBERD can be configured to perform in-service or out-of-service analysis of the circuit under test. Analysis results of the circuit under test are accumulated simultaneously and stored internally. Accumulated results can be viewed one at a time, with any two results displayed simultaneously on the front panel. If desired, a variety of printouts (e.g., results print or controls print) can be generated manually or automatically. (Refer to Section 3 for a description of the types of printouts available and how to generate them.)

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Tipo manuale: Manuale d'uso TTC-8380-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pagine: 354
Dimensioni: 12.71 Mbytes (13322484 Bytes)
Lingua: Inglese
Revisione: L
Manuale-ID/numero: 50-12120-01
Data: 01 gennaio 1995
Qualità: Documento scansionato, tutto leggibile.
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This Reference Manual applies to all FIREBERD 6000 Communications Analyzers incorporating Software Revision L. 1.0 GETTING STARTED 1-1 1.1 DOCUMENT/SECTION SUMMARY ... 1-1 1.2 INSTRUMENT OVERVIEW ... 1-1 1.3 POWER REQUIREMENTS ... 1-2 1.4 GROUND JUMPER ... 1-3 1.5 WARNINGS ... 1-4 1.6 OPERATING CONVENTION ... 1-5 I ? TEst CONFIGURATION ... 1-5 1.8 INSTRUMENT CHECKOUT ... 1-6 1.9 Interface SELECTION ... 1-10 2.0 INSTRUMENT DESCRIPTION ... 2-1 2.1 SECTION SUMMARY ... 2-1 2.2 FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION ... 2-1 2.3 SPECIFICATIONS ... 2-2 2.4 FRONT PANEL SWITCHES AND INDICATORS ... 2-9 2.5 REAR PANEL ... 2-98 2.6 PERFORMING ERROR ANALYSIS ... 2-101 2.7 PERFORMING TIMING ANALYSIS ... 2-103 2.8 DELAY MEASUREMENTS ... 2-105 2.9 CONTENTION CONDITIONS ... 2-107 3.0 Printer INTERFACES ... 3-1 3.1 INTRODUCTION ... 3-1 3.2 PRINTOUT CONTROLS AND AUXILIARY FUNCTIONS ... 3-2 4.0 REMOTE CONTROL ... 4-1 4.1 INTRODUCTION ... 4-1 4.2 RS-232 REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION ... 4-1 4.3 IEEE-488 PRINTER/CONTROLLER INTERFACE ... 4-5 4.4 CONVENTIONS ... 4-10 4.5 UNIT CONTENTION ... 4-11 4.6 REMOTE CONTROL COMMANDS ... 4-12 4.7 STATUS REPORTING ... 4-90 4.8 ERROR MESSAGES ... 4-99 5.0 OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES ... 5-1 5.1 SECTION SUMMARY ... 5-1 5.2 OPTIONS ... 5-1 5.3 ACCESSORIES ... 5-2 5.4 ORDERING INFORMATION ... 5-9 This manual offers detailed information about the Telecommunications Techniques Corporation (TTC) FIREBERD 6000 Communications Analyzer. It provides a complete instrument reference, including a general instrument description, operating instructions, and product specifications. Please note that the information in this manual covers the plastic-case FIREBERD 6000, the metal-case FIREBERD MC6000, and the remote-control-only FIREBERD 6000R. Unless indicated otherwise, the name FIREBERD 6000 applies to all three mainframes. Also note that the information in this manual applies to FIREBERD 6000 Communications Analyzers equipped with revision K Software. Depending on the FIREBERD 6000 hardware configuration, all that may be required to install this latest Software version in your FIREBERD is to remove and replace the EPROM card in the rear panel. The current Software revision can be determined by pressing the MENU switch to illuminate the LED next to the AUXILIARY category. Then press the 4 and 0 keypad keys and press the ENTER key to display the Software version installed in your FIREBERD. Call TTC Customer Service (1-800- 638-2049) to find out about obtaining upgrades for your FIREBERD 6000. Section 1 provides an overview of the FIREBERD 6000, power requirements, line power selection, ground jumper selection, operator warnings, operating convention, instrument checkout, internal RS232 Interface selection, and optional Interface installation.


Tipo manuale: Manuale d'uso TTC-8381-Manual-Page-1-Picture
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Lingua: Inglese
Manuale-ID/numero: ML12136
Data: 01 gennaio 1992
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MD5: 261ee87d06063034e719ca6b16da4df9
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The FIREBERD 6000 User's Guide is designed for all users of the FIREBERD 6000 Communications Analyzer. It serves to describe how the instrument is set up in a variety of applications and interfaces, including: RS-232-C/V.24 (built in) • V.35 (Model 40202) RS-449/V. 10, V.l 1 (Model 40200) RS-449/530/MIL (Model 41400) • DDS Local Loop (Mode! 4! 131) • DDS DS0A/B (Mode! 30678) DS1 /T 1 /D4/ESF/SLC-96 (Model 40540) T1/FT1 (Model 41440) DS3 (Model 41945) CCITT G.703 64 kb/s (Model 30608) • CCITT G.704 2048 kb/s (Model 30609) • CCITT Fractional 2048 kb/s^Model 41800) This document won’t tell you everything about the FIREBERD 6000; the instrument’s features and capabilities are fully described in the FIREBERD 6000 Reference Manual. But if you require quick access to step-by-step set-up procedures, you’ll find the FIREBERD 6000 User's Guide a handy tool.


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