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Spirent Communications, Inc. SX/14 Rete Analizzatore
Spirent Communications, Inc.
Modello: SX/14
Data: 2003
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Rete Analizzatore
Descrizione: Data Link Simulator

The SX/14 is part of the Spirent SX Data Link Simulators product line, which simulates terrestrial and satellite data links for testing internetworking equipment and applications under repeatable and controllable conditions. Utilizing dual-channel, full-duplex operation, these simulators provide bi-directional testing with programmable delays, random bit errors and burst errors. Multiple delay and error events can be programmed into complex sequences to simulate a wide variety of chronic and periodic conditions or events, such as peak traffic and equipment overloads. Three products are included in the SX product line and differ primarily in the speeds supported and extended functionality options available: • SX/12 — Supports speeds up to 8.448 Mbps and remote operation options • SX/13a — Supports speeds up to 51.84 Mbps and can be upgraded with error targeting and remote operation options • SX/14 — Supports speeds up to 155.52 Mbps and can be upgraded with an error targeting Interface and remote operation option The SX products consist of a rack-mountable, portable mainframe coupled with at least one interchangeable interface. The interfaces enable the mainframe to connect to different types of data links. Other options extend the SX/14’s functionality. The unit can be used in lab conditions or for live field testing. The primary method of operation is through the front panel keys and LCD screen. Optional modules enable it to be operated remotely via a PC or Other type of terminal. This allows the Test Set to be placed permanently in a network, if necessary. Typical simulator applications include testing the operation, performance and reliability of multiplexers, bridges, encrypters, network applications and Other communications hardware and Software. When used for link simulation, these simulators physically connect directly between two pieces of equipment to replace conventional data links, such as satellite connections, WANs or telephone networks. They can also be used in line with an actual data link to add additional delays or errors, or to simulate the effects of adding an additional link to the system.

Questi manuali sono disponibili per l'attrezzatura di cui sopra:

Tipo manuale: Manuale d'uso Spirent-8317-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pagine: 192
Dimensioni: 1.32 Mbytes (1388710 Bytes)
Lingua: Inglese
Revisione: A
Manuale-ID/numero: PN 340-5039-001
Data: 01 gennaio 2003
Qualità: Documento scansionato, tutto leggibile.
Data di aggiunta:
MD5: 8470c9ad53d05c4f8867fe9405861c24
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The SX/14 Operating Manual describes how to use the SX/14 Data Link Simulator. This manual is a comprehensive guide to installing, setting up, and operating the SX/14. The manual includes procedures that are specific to each of the 12 interfaces and optional modules, and the physical specifications of each. The SX/14 Operating Manual is for people involved with the day-to-day use of the product. This includes network administrators, system administrators, hardware engineers, Software engineers, and quality assurance technicians. In addition, individuals tasked with planning tests for applications and equipment may find the manual useful for understanding what types of test scenarios can be created. The chapters are: Chapter 1, Installing the SX/14, explains how to install and connect the SX/14 chassis, interfaces, and options. Chapter 2, Setting Up the SX/14, explains the basic setup when first turning on the unit. Chapter 3, Setting Up SX/14 Interfaces, explains how to set up the nine data link interfaces. Chapter 4, Operating the SX/14, explains how to set up the MAIN PARAMETERS screen, including setting delay and errors parameters. Chapter 5, Creating Programs for the SX/14, explains how to create programs and program steps, which are more complicated testing situations. Chapter 6, Using the Error Targeting Options, explains how to use the two error targeting options that extend the functionality of the SX/14 unit. The two options are the SX/14 Error Targeting Option (bundled with the SX/13 Error Targeting Option) and the Extended T1/E1 Simulation Option. Chapter 7, Remotely Operating the SX/14, explains how to set up the two remote control options for operations from a remote Control Unit. Chapter 8, Diagnostics and Troubleshooting for the SX/14, explains how to run the diagnostics and how to contact Technical Support. Chapter 9, SX/14 Specifications, details the physical characteristics and operating requirements of the unit.


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