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Datron Instruments 4911 Voltage Source
Datron Instruments
Modello: 4911
Data: 1990
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Voltage Source
Descrizione: DC Voltage Reference Standards

The 4910 and 4911 are Electronic DC Voltage Reference Standards which feature four separate and highly stable 10V outputs. While their performance is comparable to that of saturated Weston standard cells, they eliminate most of the drawbacks encountered in standard cell use and maintenance. In addition to replacing saturated Weston cells as a laboratory standard, the 4910 and 4911 can also be used as a readily transportable standard. The 4910 and 4911 DC Voltage Standards are based on the latest zener-diode technology. Their four separate 10V outputs are fully independent, but can if required be averaged to provide a very low noise 10V output on separate front-panel terminals. The provision of both individual and average outputs enables direct inter-comparison between the cells at the output terminals, allowing excessive drift in any cell to be detected without the use of higher accuracy standards. The individual outputs-are adjustable to within microvolts of one another, so that inter­ comparison is possible to a very high level of accuracy. In addition to itsfour individual cell outputs and its average 10V output, the4910also features IV and 1.018V outputs, and a low-impedance 10V output with 4-wire sensing. In their normal operating mode, the units can be powered from an ac line supply or from their internal batteries. Both models also feature a special low-power transit mode, which can be used during transportation or shipment of a unit to maintain its calibration. In transit mode, power can be derived from the unit’s internal batteries, from an external DC supply, or from an AC line supply.

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Data: 01 gennaio 1990
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USER'S HANDBOOK SECTION 1 INTRODUCTION AND GENERAL DESCRIPTION Introduction General Description Accessories Principles of Operation Operating Modes SECTION 2 INSTALLATION Unpacking and Inspection Preparation for Operation Preparation for Operation - Coid Shipment Line Voltage Selection and Fuse Rating Internal Battery Connection AC Line Supply Connection DC Power Connection Calibration Preparation for Operation - Hot Shipment Immediate Checks Line Voltage Selection and Fuse Rating AC Line Supply Connection DC Power Connection Specification Verification Mounting SECTION 3 USING THE 4910/4911 4910 Front Panel Features 4911 Front Panel Features 4910/4911 Rear Panel Features Setting Up the 4910/4911 Operating Modes Normal Operating Mode 10V Cell Outputs Average Output Average Switching 4-Wire Output Buffer (4910 only) Divided Outputs (4910 only) Battery LEDs and Battery Supply LED SECTION 3 (Contd.) Normal Operating Mode (Contd.) Temp LEDs Line Supply LED Guard T eiminal Case Terminal Battery/Charge Voltages Normal/Transit Mode Switching Transit Operating Mode Battery LEDs Temp LEDs Transit/Normal Mode Switching SECTION 4 SPECIFICATIONS General Specifications Output Specifications SECTION 5 Introduction SPECIRCATION VERIFICATION AND CALIBRATION Calibration Confidence-check Equipment Requirements Interconnecting Leads Null Detector Zeroing Calibration Confidence-check Procedure Calibration Introduction Equipment Requirements Adjustment of Unit Under Test Outputs Interconnecting Leads Null Detector Zeroing Calibration Procedure Appendices: A 4910/4911 Calibration Confidence-check Report Sheet В 4910/4911 Calibration Report Sheet С Battery Charging Voltage Limits D 4910 - Measurement of Divided Outputs


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