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Spraque Electric Company TO-5 Tel-Ohmike Analyzer
Spraque Electric Company
Modello: TO-5 Tel-Ohmike
Data: 1958
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Analyzer
                                    1.1	Purpose and Usefulness. Designed specifically to meet
the need of television, radio and industrial electronics
technicians for a compact, reliable, and simple-to-use
instrument for testing capacitors, the Sprague Model TO-5
Tel-Ohmike represents the culmination of years of experience
in this field. It incorporates in one instrument an accurate
multi-range capacitance and power factor bridge, an
insulation resistance checker for paper, mica, and ceramic
capacitors, and a leakage current test circuit for
electrolytic capacitors. As an added feature, it also
provides a turns ratio bridge for measuring the turns ratio
and impedance ratio of laminated iron-core transformers,
such as audio output and a-c power transformers. Pushbuttons
are provided for instant range selection and a magic-eye
tube simplifies bridge balancing for capacitance
measurements. A large meter gives direct pointer readings of
insulation resistance and leakage current and shows the
exact voltage applied to electrolytic capacitors during the
leakage test.

1.2	Three especially valuable features of the Model TO-5
Tel-Ohmike are the extended insulation resistance test range
up to 20,000 megohms, the special low capacitance bridge
circuit for checking low value ceramic and mica capacitors
from 1 mmf to 100 mmf with improved accuracy, and the
automatic discharging of capacitors after test by a simple
release of all push buttons.

1.3	Capacitance. In addition to the special low range
mentioned above,

4	other capacitance ranges are provided for measurements up
to 2000 mf. With a TO-5 Tel-Ohmike you are prepared for
every type of capacitor from tiny ceramics and micas to
paper capacitors to all types of standard aluminum dry
electrolytics from small filter capacitors to extremely high
capacitance low-voltage units, photoflash capacitors, and
motor-starting capacitors.

1.3.1	Power Factor. The power factor of all electrolytics is
indicated directly on a scale. Three ranges are provided for
improved accuracy of reading.

1.4	Leakage Current. A self-contained continuously
adjustable d-c power supply permits measurement of
electrolytic capacitor leakage current at exact rated voltage.

1.5	Insulation Resistance. The electronic measurement
circuit reads I-R directly from 100 to 20,000 megohms,
covering the wide range necessary for testing ceramic, mica,
air, and paper capacitors. With a Model TO-5 Tel-Ohmike it
becomes a simple matter to detect "leaky” coupling capacitors.

1.6	Turns Ratio. Two ranges are provided to measure
transformer turns ratios from 1:1 to 100:1 and to measure
impedance ratios from 1:1 to 10,000:1.

1.7	Line Voltage and Frequency. The Model TO-5 Tel-Ohmike is
available in three types. The standard TO-5 is intended for
115 volt,

50-60 cycle a-c lines. The TO-5R is similar except that it
is intended for mounting in standard 19” relay racks. Also
available is the Model TO-5X for use on 115/230 volt, 25-60
cycle mains. Before using a Model TO-5X, check to see
whether the link on the internal terminal.

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