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LG LMX25964** Frigorifero
Modello: LMX25964**
Categoria: Elettronica per la casa
Gruppo: Frigorifero

CONTROL PANEL LED DISPLAY SCREEN Simple electronic controls are user-friendly. The LED screen shows Refrigerator and Freezer temperatures, displays water filter status, dispenser information, and more. ICE PLUS When this feature is activated, the Freezer section will run at the coldest temperature for a 24- hour period to increase ice production by about 20 percent. FILTERED WATER AND ICE DISPENSER The water dispenser offers fresh, chilled, filtered water through the door. The dispenser offers cubed ice or water. DOOR ALARM A warning alarm sounds at 30-second intervals when the Refrigerator or Freezer door is left open for more than 60 seconds. IN-DOOR ICE BIN The icemaker automatically produces 80–130 ice cubes in a 24-hour period to keep the ice dispenser fully supplied. The in-door design creates more shelf space. CRISPERS LG’s crispers preserve humidity and help vegetables stay crisp.

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Basic Safety Precautions ... 3 CFC Disposal ... 4 How to Connect Electricity ... 5 PARTS AND FEATURES Special Features ... 6 Key Parts and Components ... 7 INSTALLATION Choose the Proper Location ... 8 Clearances ... 8 Flooring ... 9 Handle Removal ... 9 Door and Drawer Removal ... 10 Connecting the Water Supply ... 18 Connecting the Water Lines ... 18 Leveling the Refrigerator Doors ... 20 Starting ... 21 HOW TO USE Control Panel Features ... 22 The LED Display ... 23 Operating the Dispenser ... 23 Adjusting the Temperatures and Display ... 24 Setting the Functions ... 25 In-Door Ice Bin ... 26 Automatic Icemaker ... 27 Storing Foods ... 28 Location of Foods ... 29 Shelf Height Adjustment ... 30 Utility Bin (Optional) ... 30 CARE AND CLEANING Removing and Replacing Components ... 31 Cleaning the Refrigerator ... 33 General Information ... 33 Light Bulb Replacement ... 34 Replacing the Water Filter ... 35 TROUBLESHOOTING Before Calling for Service ... 36 SPECIFICATIONS Key Dimensions and Specifications ... 40 WARRANTY Product Registration Information ... 41


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