Apparecchiature informatiche

Epson SQ - 870 Stampante
Modello: SQ - 870
Data: 1992
Categoria: Attrezzature informatiche
Gruppo: Stampante
Descrizione: Terminal Printer

The SQ-870/l 170 is a high speed 48-nozzle ink jet Printer which provides advanced paper handling that is upper compatible with the TSQ-4800. The printer’s main features are as follows: l l l l l l l l l l Use of ESC/P 2 control codes Ability to print multi-point fonts Ability to receive and print raster graphic images Compatibility with the LQSQ series available on the market Printing speeds: 660 cps (draft, 12 cpi) 550 cps (draft, 10 cpi) 240 cps (LQ, 12 cpi) 200 cps (LQ, 10 cpi) Optional interface card Clear, easy-to-read printing with standard Epson fonts Multiple fonts resident in the Printer 2 scalable fonts (Roman, Saris Serif) 8 LQ bit-map fonts (Roman, Saris Serif, Courier, Prestige, Script, Script C, Orator, Orator-S) 1 draft bit-map font Control panel Switch selection of fonts, pitch, and cut-sheet feeder (CSF) bin Optional tractor unit that can make up push-pull tractor Easy handling of cut sheets with the optional cut-sheet feeder Continuous Paper Two ways to insert continuous paper (front/rear path) Backout & loading Continuous paper can be used without removing CSF Standard tractor unit can be attached in two positions (front/rear) Cut Sheet Two ways to insert cut sheets (front/top) Auto loading

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Tipo manuale: Manuale di servizio Epson-6669-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pagine: 176
Dimensioni: 3.11 Mbytes (3258589 Bytes)
Lingua: Inglese
Revisione: A
Manuale-ID/numero: 4001225
Data: 1992
Qualità: Documento elettronico, senza ricerca, molto ben leggibile.
Data di aggiunta:
MD5: 9873959122f8facc00edcd5c1c9a2cb1
Downloads: 399 dal 13 maggio 2015

This manual describes functions, theory of electrical and mechanical operations, maintenance, and repair of the SQ-870/l 170. The instructions and procedures included herein are intended for the experienced repair technician, and attention should be given to the precautions on the preceding page. The chapters are organized as follows: Chapter 1 - Provides a general product overview, lists specifications, and illustrates the main components of the Printer. Chapter 2 - Describes the theory of Printer operation. Chapter 3 - Includes a step-by-step guide for product disassembly and assembly. Chapter 4 - Includes a step-by-step guide for adjustment. Chapter 5 - Provides Epson-approved techniques for troubleshooting. Chapter 6 - Describes preventive maintenance techniques.


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