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Simpson TS111-3 Amplificatore
Modello: TS111-3
Data: 2003
Categoria: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Gruppo: Amplificatore
Descrizione: Multimeter for Railroad Servicing

Specifically suited for railroad operation, the TS111-3 provides a direct readout in percent of the coded track pulse "On" time and a built-in pointer stop for measuring peak currents. A special "Power On" warning circuit prevents damage to the meter during resistance measurements. The foam-padded, nylon water-repellent case protects your TS111-3 both in storage and transport. A convenient pocket stores leads while they are attached to the instrument. ■# Single Range and Function Selector Switch ♦ Measures AC Mages Even When AC is Superimposed on DC Track Signals ♦ Peak Current Measurement with No Pointer Oscillation, No Guesswork Φ Special Test Leads and Carrying Case are Included

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