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Anritsu MS4661E Rete Analizzatore
Modello: MS4661E
Data: 1988
Categoria: Strumenti di misura
Gruppo: Rete Analizzatore

The MS4661A/E include a built-in transmission/reflection measurement Test Set (bridge), making them ideal for measuring antennas and passive devices (filters, attenuators, switches, cables) where the input and output impedances are nearly equal. The MS4662A also has an S-parameter Test Set. In addition to measuring active devices with different input and output characteristics (such as amplifiers), it measures forward and reverse direction characteristics with a single connection. You can choose the model best suited to your application. The MS4661A and MS4662A has color LCD displays, while the MS4661E has an EL display (monochrome). The high-speed Synthesizer and DSP (digital signal processor) permit measurements at 400 μs/point (or 600 μs/point using two-port calibration), with sweep times approximating real-time measurement. Post-measurement data analysis is facilitated by unique functions such as limit tests, 3 dB bandwidth searches, and ripple searches for device evaluation and pass/fail identification. With PTA (Personal Test Automation) capability as standard, it is easy to configure ATE (Automated Test Equipment) systems. Features • Built-in transmission/reflection measurement, and S-parameter Test Set • Full range of limit test functions for real-time pass/fail testing • One-touch measurement of each characteristic using target data search function • Time domain analysis

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Operation Manual Volume 2 GPIB Remote Control


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