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Gould OS3600 Oscilloscopes
Modèle: OS3600
Date: 1981
Catégorie: Mètres
Groupe: Oscilloscopes
Description: Dual trace oscilloscope

100MHz represents a major step forward in instrumentation technology for Gould Advance; and the OS3600 is planned to be the forerunner of a comprehensive range of oscillocopes in the highest reaches of technology. This dedication to providing oscilloscopes with major user benefits, both for general purpose and more specific applications, automatically results from the resources and in-house requirements of the multi-national Gould Corporation. The OS3600 and its Brother, the 60MHz OS3500 are eminently suitable for the measurement of digital circuits. All are portable and ideal for field-service application. The wide range of Amplifier and trigger bandwidths covered by these models allows a choice to be made wliich is appropriate to the logic family being measured. Production requirements can be satisfied when using the Oscilloscope with their rack-mount adaptors - the logical layout of the front panels making operation simple for the semi-skilled operator. The use of the optional digital measuring unit DM3010 increases reading accuracy and speeds-up measurement time.

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Pages: 92
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Langue: Anglais
Numéro d’identification: 450038
Date: 1981
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