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Keithley 195 Multimètre numérique
Modèle: 195
Date: 1982
Catégorie: Mètres
Groupe: Multimètre numérique
Description: System DMM

The model 195 System DMM is a fully programmable instrument with 5’% digit resolution. In standard configuration, the model 195 is capable of DC voltage measurements between 1OOnV and 1OOOV on six ranges, and 2-teninal and 4-terminal resistance measurements between lOO& and 20MD on seven ranges. With the optional Model 1950 ACV and AC and DC current option installed, the model 195 can make TRMS AC voltage measurements between 1pV and 700V on five ranges, TRMS AC current measurements between InA and 2A on five ranges. and DC current measurements between lOOpA and 2A on six ranges. The versatilitv of the model 195 DMM is further enhanced bv the inclusion of a standard IEEE488 Interface. A highlight of model 195 operation is its digital calibration feature which allows the user to easily perform calibration from the front panel.

Ces manuels sont disponibles pour les équipements ci-dessus :

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Numéro d’identification: 195-901-01C
Date: août 1983
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