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Allen & Heath SRM Series Mixer
Allen & Heath
Modèle: SRM Series
Date: 1985
Catégorie: Équipement de musique
Groupe: Mixer

The ALLEN AND HEATH BRENELL SRM Series designed as "On Stage" monitor mixers for use by artists requiring 6 or 8 independent mixes within their performing environment. There are two models - SRM186 and SRM248. To be used in conjunction with a high quality monitor system (ie Speakers, Amplifiers, Equalizers, etc), both the needs of the artist and engineer are easily satisfied by extensive use of patch and insert points, and the liberal use of status LED indicators throughout. Incorporation of an internal Microphone splitter eliminates the need for costly external systems. Monitor systems have been shown to be capable of producing higher and more intelligible sound levels before feedback when the mixing equipment and engineer are in the same environment as the artist (on stage, usually behind the main Speaker system). Because of the better communications between the artist and engineer, the mix can more easily be tailored to the artist's needs. The engineer's portion of the monitor system is designed so that external equalization can easily be patched into any of the 6 individual groups. The equalized signal can be monitored through the PFL (Solo) system, exactly as the artist is hearing it. The engineer has a choice of monitoring, using headphones or his own Speaker system. A mute switch is provided on this output to eliminate the need for adjusting engineering monitor levels when switching between headphones and speakers. A separate LED meter is used to follow the PFL (Solo) function of the mixer. This prevents confusion that could occur if one meter were used for multiple functions, as employed in some current designs. Physical layout and colour selections have been chosen for ease of operation under low light conditions as are often encountered on stage wings during a performance. BNC connectors are provided for use with optional goose neck lighting fixtures. An arm rest is provided for engineering comfort during long performances.

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Date: 01 janvier 1985
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Changes in Course of Production Änderungen bei der Produktion INTRODUCTION ANTI-MOIRÉ PANEL From production start onwards, an anti-moiré panel was introduced in the 29" 4:3 Real Flat sets with Philips CRT. This anti-moiré circuitry is combined with the DC-shift panel (assy 12nc is 3104 328 16661). Involved sets: • 29PT9007. • 29PT9047. Circuit diagram (G), layouts and partslist are published. INTRODUCTION OF NEW SSB PANEL During production, a new SSB panel is introduced. The layout of the copper pattern has been changed to version 8. Below, you will find the most important changes. Diagram B4 (HOP): • A new dimensioning of the HOP slow-start circuit (items 3335, 3338 and 2335). • A new flash circuit (items 6313 and 6314 are added) around the HOP (diagram B4). Diagram B5 (OTC): • A new flash reset circuitry is added, to prevent NVM overwriting. • To solve TXT-jitter, two transistors (7012 and 7013) were added, to improve the steepness of the H SYNC and V SYNC pulses. This change is implemented together with new software. Circuit diagrams (B4 and B5), layouts and partslist are published.


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