Informations de l’équipement

Sony UP-880 Imprimeur
Modèle: UP-880
Date: 1994
Catégorie: Équipements médicaux et biomédicaux
Groupe: Imprimeur
Description: Video Graphic Printer

The UP-880/890CE/890MD is a black and white video graphic Printer that can be used to print images displayed on video monitor. Clear, consistent print quality • High definition, 10.2 dots/mm printing using a thermal head with high-speed drive IC. • 256 gradations of black and white. Fast printing • You can make a single print-out in about 3.9 seconds in STD and NORM mode. • You can make a maximum of 11 copies of the same image continuously. Two way printing direction and five printing sizes selectable • The printing direction selector on the front panel enables you to print in vertical and horizontal directions. • The printing size control on the front panel enables you to select five kinds of printing size. DIP switches to optimize the Printer • You can make print-outs starting either from the bottom or top of the image by setting the DIRECTION DIP switch. • You can set the print-out aspect ratio to 4:3 or 1:1 by setting the ASPECT DIP switch. • You can set the range to be printed by setting the SCAN DIP switch. • You can save your paper by setting the POSTFEED DIP switch (paper saving function). Automatic video signal discrimination The type of input signal, black and white (EIA or CCIR) or input color (NTSC or PAL), is automatically discriminated and printed in same duration and size. Alarm buzzer The alarm buzzer prevents you from making any misoperation. Easy and quick paper loading You can load paper just by opening the paper lid with the OPEN/CLOSE button and placing the paper roll.

Ces manuels sont disponibles pour les équipements ci-dessus :

Type manuel: Manuel de l'utilisateur Sony-10604-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 112
Taille: 1.56 Mbytes (1640667 Bytes)
Langue: english, german, french, italian
Numéro d’identification: 3-798-008-15 (1)
Date: 01 janvier 1994
Qualité: Électronique de documents, numérisation sans, bien lisible.
Télécharger date:
MD5: 9078ffde9753ac3aa2f8c8fd27f76f92
Téléchargements: 817 depuis 10 mars 2018

Introduction Overview 4 Preparation Connection 5 Before Printing 6 Setting the Type of Paper Setting the DIP Switches Loading Paper 10 6 7 Operation Printing 12 Making Print-outs 12 Selecting the Printing Direction 13 Selecting the Printing Size 13 Adjusting the Contrast and Brightness 15 Others Precautions 16 Maintenance 17 On the Type of Paper 19 Specifications 20 Troubleshooting 21 Location and Function of Parts Front 22 Back 23


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