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O-Two Medical Technologies Inc. CAREvent® MRI - 01CV7000 Respirateur artificiel
O-Two Medical Technologies Inc.
Modèle: CAREvent® MRI - 01CV7000
Date: 2005
Catégorie: Équipements médicaux et biomédicaux
Groupe: Respirateur artificiel
Description: Automatic Transport Ventilator

The CAREvent® ATV, ATV+ and MRI consist of a ruggedly constructed, portable control module, input hose and optional single use (or reusable where available) patient circuit. The ergonomically designed control groupings facilitate the selection and setting of the breathing parameters. The colour groupings provided on the controls adds to this ease of use concept. The unique pneumatic alarm for low input pressure improves the level of safety for the patient by warning the operator of any problems of insufficient or failed gas supply. The air mix capability of the Ventilator improves the operating time on bottled oxygen for long duration transports. The extremely low drive gas consumption ensures full utilization of the cylinder contents.

Ces manuels sont disponibles pour les équipements ci-dessus :

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INTRODUCTION 1.1 Warranty 1.2 Warnings 1.3 Terms and Definitions 1.4 CAREvent® MRI 1.5 General Information 1.6 General Description 1.7 Principles of Operation 1.8 Modes of Operation 1.9 Alarms and Gauges 1.10 Accessories 1.11 Control Adjustment 1.12 Technical Data PREPARATION FOR USE 2.1 Component List 2.2 Connection of Hoses 2.3 Pre-use Functional Check OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 3.1 Setting of the Ventilation Parameters 3.2 Frequency/Minute Volume Chart 3.3 Operation in Extreme Conditions AFTER USE CLEANING AND TESTING 4.1 Dismantling and Cleaning 4.1.1 Changing the Air Intake Filter 4.2 After Use and Monthly Checking MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE 5.1 Annual Preventative Maintenance Inspection TROUBLE SHOOTING CHART CAREvent® ACCESSORIES


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